Mooving right along ... Wednesday, 5/18

The sun gets up early here, and so we did, too. We awoke to a really pretty morning at Mill Creek with bright sunshine and birds singing, and we were rarin’ to go.  We'd pretty much given up the idea of riding our bikes on the Mill Creek gravel road.  That being said, after Tergel was squared away and we we're getting ready to hook Smartie on, Jimmy said, “What the heck, let’s take the bikes up the mountain a little way. It’s early and we don’t have far to go; we can spare an hour.”   Okay!

We changed into bike shorts and set out to go "a little way."  You read the word, “mountain?” We only pedaled five miles, but exactly half of that was up (huff-puff). Call us crazy if you want, but we always have a good time! I stopped to take a few pics (and breathe -- remember, elevation -- 5,000+ ft). Great aerobic exercise, much better than an indoor treadmill.  We sure enjoyed the down part; in fact, the entire ride, tho short, was just fine, except Jimmy almost ran over some cows!

A sporty-lookin' Western Tanager is one of many birds in the Cottonwood trees at Mill Creek.

The lure of the wide open road is too irresistible to ignore.  The solitude is a treasure.

And the vistas are out of this world.

 Hi-yah -- get along there!  Moooove it, dudes!

Matilija Poppies.

Ready to hook up and hit the road, the freeway this time.

Driving on I-80 from Battle Mountain to West Wendover NV, bordering Utah, was unexpectedly scenic, with snow-capped ranges to the left and right, and long green meadows between. Much of the Nevada we’ve seen this trip has been green, some arroyos ran with water and boggy meadows were awash with color.  All of this is compliments of our El Nino winter, I think.  Today, lots of puffy white clouds cast weird, almost surreal shadows on the hilly landscape.  It's a grand day, for sure.


  1. Oh, oh...gorgeous day! The solitude and open high desert are so lovely. Happy days to you.

  2. A fine route across the country, yessir!

  3. The lure of the wide open is very attractive to me, but in our case it has to be tempered with some "people stops" so Mui can charge his batteries ... he's energized by being around people.


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