Onward, soldiers! Wed-Sat -- 7/13-7/16

The two couples pulled out early from our "emergency" campground in Ashland, WI -- friends, Donna and Danny, moving east, me and Jimmy continuing west.  The blasted wind also continued in our faces, but as you see below, the sky had cleared and a bright sun shone down, raising our spirits. We noted trees uprooted and more damage from the storm (last post) along our Lake Superior route, even into Minnesota.

Overlooking Lake Superior. 

We had a sort of loosey-goosey destination in mind, either Duluth or Grand Rapids, MN, nothing really captivating our hearts either way.  As we crossed Saint Louis Bay on Hwy 2 into Duluth, we made an accidental turn (I guess you could call it that), crawling up a steep hill and away from Duluth proper.  That dictated our decision -- Grand Rapids it was, and we'd put in a bunch more miles in the bargain.

I have to say that our spirits sank into the basement as we bumped our way on Hwy 2 from Duluth to Grand Rapids.  The 2-lane road was so bad we wanted to scream, but couldn't because our jaws were clenched.  FIX THE ROADS.  Our attitude wasn't the best when we made it to the county fairgrounds and paid $30 for an electric site on grass, and the rain began, and it didn't get any better.  Our laundry basket was full, and it was raining, so that meant wash clothes.  I'll shorten this by saying we found a laundromat (3rd try) with $5.00 washers and $3.00 dryers.  We blew $21 for three loads, good grief, which we consider VERY STEEP.  But, by gum, we had an empty hamper and clean clothes.  We left Grand Rapids in the morning.

No grass grew under our feet the next day as Tergel made her way from Grand Rapids MN, through Grand Forks, ND and on to Devils Lake, ND.  The entire 275-mile drive was on Hwy 2, which had been transformed into a very nice road.  Our aim was Spirit Lake Casino right on the lake.  Since our last attempt at casino camping ended with the casino being flooded out, we thought we'd try again!  They offered both FHU and electric only sites.  And an indoor pool and hot tub, which was perfect!  

Oh yes, rain was in the forecast.  Dark skies, thunderclaps and rainy weather seem to be ours on this trip ... first time in all our road trips that we've either dodged or been caught in inclement weather.

The silver lining is, of course, a rainbow at the end.

We signed up for three nights, and we found some special things to do!

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  1. Gotta look for that silver lining in everything ... you do exceedingly well with that.


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