Selkirk Shores St Pk, Monday 6/27/16

On our way west, we made an overnight stop at this state park located on Lake Ontario's eastern shore, near the Salmon River.  Again, we arrived early enough to explore a bit on our bikes.  We thought we could pedal to the lighthouse, but changed our minds when we realized riding on the narrow road was involved.  Returning the bikes to Tergel, we made Smartie do the work to find Selkirk Lighthouse!

What a lovely view from Tergel's vast windshield ... or as I call it, Tergel's big front window!

Can't see the other side!  Could be an ocean out there!

Here's the historic lighthouse, at the mouth of the Salmon River. What a wonderful sturdy-looking house. The Lighthouse was completed and activated in August 1838. It's one of three lighthouses along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail that visitors can rent for overnight stays, and only one of four remaining U.S. lighthouses boasting the original "birdcage" design.  I think it would be fun to rent out a lighthouse overnight.  I know there are some on the west coast that you can stay in, also.

If you're interested, there's more info on this not-easy-to-read signboard.

At the end of the day, the last week in June, this colorful sunset left our entire interior bathed in sunny colors.  Our stay was pleasant enough, but we're going to keep moving. We'll pull out in the morning, aiming for Oswego NY and more canal trailway.  I guess.


  1. We loved our travels on Lake Ontario. The favorite was Killarney National Park....it is gorgeous if you are going that way.

  2. We have tent camped at Selkirk Shores many years ago when our son played competitive baseball and had either a game or two in the area or a tournament. We were the frugal parents on the team and camped there instead of staying in a hotel. We really enjoyed the area. Not sure that we saw the lighthouse though, I honestly can't remember so I am glad that I got to see your pictures of it. Enjoy the canal trailway, I hear it is wonderful.


  3. Staying at a lighthouse would be a lovely experience.


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