Home, home on the Ranch: Saturday, Sept 1st, 2012

Picture-taking time with the Wilkinson's and Underwood's! After mountain-trekking yesterday (see previous post), we opted to hang around the house today, fire up the washer/dryer, and take care of other mundane chores. This morning we visited the Grass Valley Grower's Market and picked up squash to add on the grill for tonight's dinner, beans to steam on the stove, tomatoes, a pretty bouquet of summer flowers, and sourdough bread for tomorrow's breakfast. Nice haul!

Thought you might like to see how Tergel and the Underwood's 27' Bullet fit on the "RV site" we had constructed, with plenty of space between the two. Bubba did a great job backing the Bullet down the driveway and into its slot, with the rest of us acting as spotters and directors: More to the left; stop; over a bit; STOP, etc. This was our first test for a back-in RV and it went A-all right.

Welcome friends and relatives: All is well on the Ranch!

Looks good for hilly territory, huh?

Nannie and Bubba, me and Jimmy on a self-timed shot. You have 10 seconds to get positioned!

Jimmy and me, Nannie and Bubba, taken by our neighbor.


  1. I always enjoy hanging out with my sister and BIL as well. Now if they put in an RV pad at their house, we might do it more often. :)

  2. now, if only they'd hook us up with a sewer dump that's not 30 ft. away..... :-) sure has been sweet here!


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