Holy Moly - three days of PLAY! Nov 26, 27, 28

Everything's coming up Disney!  In Anaheim for a week, Jimmy and I visited Disneyland Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!  Matt joined us on Monday (Jen had to work) and we stayed and played till dark.  Despite the rain forecast for Wednesday, the four of us spent the entire day, and it didn't rain till after midnight anyway.  We rode every ride we wanted - some more than once - and we had a wonderful time!  But, oh my achin' feet!  

 Hello, Mickey!

 Thanks, guys!

 Happy couple at the Magic Kingdom Christmas tree.

 Let the parade begin!

Which one is goofy?

 Tergel and Smartie parked at the very nice Anaheim RV Resort.

Jenny and Jimmy AND Beauty and the Beast - the latter two made with Legos!

 Matt and Jimmy love to ride the roller coaster, but not me!

 Me and Matt look like we're wearing matching jeans, but those are tractor tires!

 Jimmy, me and Matt in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle on Monday.

 Howdy, Woody!

 We had a grand time in the new Cars Land attraction.

Crazy fun on Space Mountain!

Aw, sweet picture of Matt 'n Mom.

Yo Mickey - good to see you again!


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    fun! wisht we coulda been there wit ya! love from Nannie & Bubba

  2. Great photos you got there of good times in dizzy land.

  3. that looks like so very much fun! I haven't been to Disney land in years, and to Disney World about ten years ago. Time to think about doing that again. Especially with family it is always such a treat.


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