Lotsa cuties! 12/01/12

How can it be December already?  Another year draws to a close in a few days.  Time is marching along!  Well, we enjoyed the first day of December at the Long Beach, California Aquarium with long-time friends, Lyn and Alan, of Santa Ana.  This aquarium was a first for us.  I didn't make note of how long we spent observing the various critters in the tanks and enclosures, but I think we must have been there at least two hours.  All the different types of jellyfish - from large moon jellies to a tank of the tiniest graceful jellies I've ever seen - were really captivating.  
Moon jellies.

These little guys looked to be no bigger than a dime.

This one had a rainbow current vibrating along its body (if that's what can be called a body).

Beautiful orange color on these.

We liked watching the antics of the sea otters, puffins, and penguins.  They're fun to watch in the water and silly to see on land.
 Puffins right next to the glass, as if to say, Hi, c'mon in, the water's fine!

Magellanic penguins.

We stood a long time at the sea horse and sea dragons tanks; they were some of the most intriguing creatures in the aquarium.  My point-and-shoot camera couldn't capture what I saw with my own two eyes and the pictures were pretty disappointing.  The little fella below is a Weedy Sea Dragon.  It moved leisurely thru the water, looking for all the world like an aquatic kangaroo!  As you can see, its cousin, the Leafy Sea Dragon in the second photo below, resembled kelp!

 Can you make out the Leafy Sea Dragon?

The tropical and Hawaiian reefs were full of exotic and beautifully colored fish - mesmerizing to stand there, with the fish gliding by.  Also fine were the coral reefs.  I enjoyed the shorebird sanctuary with its ruddy ducks, black-necked stilt and American avocet.   Fact is, the entire aquarium was filled with lotsa critters, creatures, and cuties - something for everyone.  Most enjoyable afternoon.

And, of course, everybody's favorite:  Nemo, the clownfish.  Always a big draw.

It was already dark when we left the aquarium (nighttime comes so early in December!).  Alan drove us to La Parolaccia in Long Beach for a fine Italian dinner.  Alan, Lyn, me, and Jimmy, having just eaten our fill, pose for a picture before heading for home.  What a nice day we had!  Thanx, guys!


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    wow! great pictures! Nannie

  2. oh, fun times! I haven't been there in forever.


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