Potpourri 'n More Stuff -- April 2013

Trillium chloropetalum var. giganteum, aka Wake Robin, growing in the back yard.  Giant trillium is right!

Neat li'l morels (or more probably false morels) at the side of our house -- you can look, just don't sample!

This is Lenten Rose (Helleborus orientalis), which popped up out front.  I'd never seen it before.

And this is Fluffy, the deer, who likes to nibble on flowers anywhere in our yard!  This particular morning, she's in the front yard.

Yummy homemade granola, approx three quarts, into bags for the freezer to take out on hikes.

Aha!  Now we're talking.  These fellers are delivering the hot tub (spa) we ordered!

It's a two-seater, like a sports car, with lots of jets.

We had it installed in the screened section of the back deck.  Jimmy hooked up all the electricity and - by gum - it works!  102° heat shooting thru powerful jets to soothe the aching joints caused by intense retirement!  It's wonderful.  (We can adjust the heat up or down.)

Next up:  We tackle the overgrown yard.  We'll need the hot spa for sure!  We will also need help.


  1. Intense retirement - love it! I have a pair of gardeners (mother and daughter-in-law team) starting work on our dismal front yard next week. Just don't have the oomph to tackle those BIG gardening jobs any longer (I'm sure the hot tub would help!)

  2. Love that hot tub! We have one just like it, a 2 seater. Easy to maintain. Deer. ick. Love the gardening job you are doing and keep wondering if there is any poison oak in all that stuff!


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