WOW! A Wednesday Surprise -- April 24th

How can a person feel bad/lousy in such surroundings?  Not possible!  Last week, a friend named Jane asked me to go with her and a few other ladies to the Ananda Tulip Festival, but our hot tub was being delivered that day and I wanted to be home for that.  I sweet-talked Jimmy into going Wednesday morning.  Neither of us had ever visited this place, nor had we even heard of it before last week.  Located about 20 miles north of us amid green rolling hills, Ananda Village is situated high above the North Yuba River.  Beautiful terraced gardens, expansive vistas, and peace of mind await every visitor.  It was a lovely, serene setting; the flowers were out of this world. Jimmy not only didn't mind being here, he was as appreciative of the beauty as I.

10,000 tulips?  That's what I heard.  Wow!

Not just tulips, either.  Here we sit in the midst of fragrant candytuft (et cetera).

 Vibrant color in every direction! 

Not a tulip, tho I'm not sure what 'tis.  Wait, sure:  It's a whopper!

 Another day with not a cloud in the sparkling blue sky enhanced our flower garden experience, and the cameras liked what they saw, too.

Isn't this delicate, feathered tulip just THE most incredible sight?    

 Nor did we step from one area to the other merely aiming our cameras, we sat on benches provided, relaxing and admiring.

A peony the size of a salad plate.
Some of the wisterias were 35 years old and had trunks the size of small trees.  What perfume - bees buzzing filled the air....

Being midweek, not too many other people were present, but we were asked several times by kind folk if we'd like our picture taken together.  OK, and thank you very much.  Nice, huh?  We watched a little girl (4 yrs?) step into this pool, but the water was too chilly.  The larger swimming pool close by and in full sun had a shallow, warm wading area perfect for a little girl.  She happily skipped to it.  BTW, the blur of white in the upper right hand corner is a solid mass of dogwood blossoms.

We stopped at a cafe on the grounds and bought sandwiches, which we ate under a spreading cottonwood tree.  Then  we ambled to the car and drove home,  delighted to find a new site to occasionally visit.

Besides, people need a break from everyday chores (and yanking out St Johns Wort)!


  1. Now you got some visual ideas on what to do in your back yard eh? Awesome flowers next to a cute couple.

  2. what a beautiful place! That is a tree peony, by the way, from China, and quite special. There is a huge plant in the gardens in Spokane and I always wanted to grow one but never succeeded. Have fun gardening in your new world.

  3. Beautiful! Wanna go!


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