Welcome back! Springtime Sunday, April 7th, 2013

It's been a long time and, while we've had adventures elsewhere, we missed walking on our favorite canal path.  Watching foliage change as the seasons evolve one into another, we are almost to the time when we first walked this path:  May 2012.  When last we walked here in December, icy patches dotted the trail, and we had to be careful where we placed our feet on crackling-hard ground.

We've had a little rain this week and the trail today is muddy in spots, but the ground is again soft.  Water is low in the canal, we've never seen it so low, yet our sharp eyes see small trout darting in the clear, shallow water.  Sometimes we hear the wind whispering high in the pines.  I think another cool front is expected this evening.

Delicate spring-green buds dot the deciduous trees, and blossoms shine in the sunlight.  We can see farther down the hill without all the dusty summer growth.  Perennial flowers are beginning to bloom near the canal, much to my delight.  Every time we travel the trail, it's different -- the volume of water, the color of the trees, and the changing sun and shadows.  I'm glad I brought my camera.  I wish I'd brought my binocs....

My Jimmy.
This lower trail section is 3.5 miles R/T, and other walkers and runners were out enjoying the morning.

Western Dogwoods are just beginning to bloom.

 I love bleeding hearts - we had these in Niagara Falls where I grew up -- and lucky me, to have several growing in our yard here.  This group is wet from last night's sprinkle.

Cherry trees glow white thru the majestic tall trees.

 I just like the looks of this ol' boy.  The trunk on the right is still alive.

Oregon grape's bright yellow flowers are eye-catching this time of year.  We have some growing in our backyard.

We saw lots of moss on trees, rocks, stumps, that looked like pasted-on blobs.

Last and smallest is this little flower growing on the canal bank - only one.  I wish I knew what it is!

This is our idea of a fine Sunday morning.


  1. I really like that cherry tree shot!

  2. Welcome back home. Isn't springtime glorious in the Sierra foothills? The pink dogwoods in our park are stunning!

  3. I bet that last little purple flower is a member of the pea fambly!


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