Ahh, ah walk in the woods - Tuesday afternoon 10/15

A morning walk in Picturesque Salt Point State Park to Sentinel Point.

I was perched at least 50 feet above the breaking waves.

Dark spots in the water are bull kelp.  6,000 acre Salt Point includes one of CA's first underwater parks.

* * * * *

Yes, switch gears -- hiking in Kruse Rhododendron State Natural Reserve, across Hwy 1, adjoining Salt Point St Pk.  Naturally, the ideal time to visit would be in spring when brilliant pink Pacific Rhodies are madly blooming throughout the redwood forest.  October isn't bad; no blooms, of course, but the day was warm and sunny, altogether a delightful autumn day.

Didn't imagine we'd be hiking in a redwood forest, esp this far south, when we pulled into Salt Point.  All the old growth trees were taken out long ago, maybe by Russians from Fort Ross, or those who came after, but the grand old trees are gone.  We saw plenty of giant stumps.  Five miles of hiking trails are available in Kruse.  We picked a two-mile loop through this silent, pristine area, leading us up a series of ridges and down into ravines, crossing numerous wooden footbridges.  Ferns carpet the canyons.  No other people were Out and About today.  It was ours alone to enjoy.

 Lovely rosettes.  Hers on the left, his on the right.  Some kinda 'shrooms!  Didn't see any other "critters," but yesterday we saw several deer (deer are everywhere in the US, aren't they?) and wild turkey.

 They may be second growth, but these redwoods are no slouches, either.

Aerie top to the trees in photo above.

 The burned stump is hollow.  I believe the main tree was cut, and then it obviously burned.

Hobbit bench in the woods, surrounded by graceful ferns.

Ol' Mama redwood hatched lots o' babies!

 You can still see cuts where springboards were inserted.  Jimmy has his hand near one.  Cutters climbed on these springboards, enabling them to get up off the ground to fell these majestic trees.  They didn't slice 'em off at ground level as the trees were TOO big.

Classic redwood stump, with a fern at it's feet and a huckleberry growing out of its crown....

Dried leaves littered the trails and bridges, and our footfalls crunched as we trod along, announcing our progress.  We took our time.  Wandering among these regal trees:  Red firs, Douglas firs, Tanoaks and Redwoods, as well as the understory forest, has the peaceful atmosphere of being in a hushed cathedral, adorned with great works of art.  Maybe better, 'cause being outside is bigger!  The spirit soars!

Who can ask for more?


  1. Oh my, dontcha just LOVE hiking among the giants?

    1. Wish you could have been with us...!


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