And so it goes... October 29, 2013

We all know nothing lasts forever, but sometimes it's a shock to see how fast things can change (naturally).  I think it's especially true at this time of year, deep into autumn.  One day a tree looks like a dream; a few days later, it looks forlorn.  One week you're hiking in 60+ degree weather on a gorgeous October day, and the next week there's a foot of snow on the trail where you were hiking.  Our first cold front of the season blew thru yesterday and dropped up to two feet of snow in the Sierras.  Great news for ski resorts... and a good beginning for snow pack.  Here in Nevada City we got a lot of clouds, a little rain, and a startling drop in temperature.  We've had our toasty gas fireplace on most of today, warding off that chilly 46 degree high temp -- really nice to have!  But even low temps won't last forever... tomorrow's forecast calls for a warm-up.  Cool!

Dogwood seen from our dining room window:  Sure looked pretty like this.

 Same tree:  Looked a lot different this morning!

 We picked some bay leaves while we were in Napa.  This stringer I made is three feet long!
Some things don't make it to their destination in time: They're either too slow or in a whale of a hurry.  Witness the jack-o-lantern below.  Jimmy carved it at a friend's pumpkin-carving party on October 20th.  Technically it was supposed to last to Halloween.  Technically....

 Da Puking Pumpkin!

On the 25th - Going, going...

...GONE on the 26th!

 But this rock, now -- this smiling, pumpkin-looking rock might last forever, or at least outlast me!

Ol' lopsided rock sez:  BOO!

Have a safe and Happy Halloweenie!


  1. Are you staying at your house for the winter, or will you be taking off for warmer climes?

  2. Turn the crooked rock upside down and it'll look spooker. I'm unable to tell what it is while it is upside down. (Thatcher illusion).

    1. I tried to post the right-side-up photo in my reply, but couldn't, so I turned the photo and updated the blog. How's it look now, Rob? :)

    2. Yaaba, Daaba, Doo! Looks okay to me, too.


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