One more day: Down by the Seashore! Oct 16, 2013

Loved it here.  Salt Point State Park, CA.

Outstanding coves to explore.  (Fun climbing required!!  I hopped around like a penguin with long legs.)

Camouflaged creatures to uncover.

 Yo, maybe wake up?  No, let sleeping, uh, guys lie.

 Better watch out for the rock wave!

 Starfish:  Who goes there?  Friend or anemone?

 More pastel-green anemones.  I saw lots.  Nice.

Crazy-mixed-up rock garden.

 Lizard heads?

 Either Italy's boot or Mexico/Central America?

 Tiny sea palm island... very tiny.

Another blubbery sleepy head.  How can harbor seals rest on sharp mussels?

Dinner-plate sized iridescent abalone shell.

Such shimmering colors in all the tide pools.

And the rocks?  Out of control!

Lunar landscape!

Ah, but in keeping with the season, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

An unforgettable sunset for our last evening.

The End.

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