Oh boy, look where we are! Sunday, 10/13/13

Right where we want to be:  Salt Point State Park, approx 90 miles north of San Francisco CA, and roughly four hours from our house.  Tergel is parked up from the water, with a 180 degree ocean view!  Our Tallahassee friends, Mickey and Nancy, recommended this park to us quite some time ago, saying, if you ever get a chance, go!  Thanx, you two, this is a hidden gem.  We're dry-camped here for several days, but I tell you, we could live on the ocean.  Love hearing the surf, watching the waves, poking along on the rocky beach and in the tide pools.  The weather is perfect:  Bright, sunny days, temps in the 70's, and cool nights in the mid-40's.  We filled our propane tank before we left Nevada City, filled the fresh water tank when we arrived in the park, hooked up the catalytic propane heater for nighttime use, and our solar panels will keep us operational for as long as we want.  Lucky, lucky us, for sure!

 Waves crashing on the outer rocks, splashing the sea palms.

These rocks!  Other-worldly!  Salt Point is named for the cliffs and crevices of the rocky shoreline where salt from ocean water crystallizes in sandstone depressions. 

One of the most unusual and beautiful features of the sandstone along these sea cliffs is the honeycomb-like network, called tafoni.  It's an Italian word for "cavern," and these two photos show it off.  Actually, during the mid-1800's, sandstone from Salt Point played a vital role in the construction of streets and buildings in San Francisco.

And we peeked in multiple tide pools.  Here is a sea cucumber curled up.

Jimmy, at home by the sea!
 As soon as we got Tergel set up, we took off for the water.  An hour-and-a-half later, long shadows indicated it was time to head back to Tergel.  Climbing up the rocks.

And a beautiful sunset for the end of our first day.


  1. Nice photos. Love the vibrant colors in the tide pool.

  2. love the Pacific coast!


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