Does a bear, uh, well, uh, YOU KNOW... Sat., 11/23/13

Been a rough couple of weeks critter-wise at our place.  I didn't post about the deer incident because I tho't it was gross.  I took pictures, but deleted every one, 'cause they WERE gross.  Short version is this:  We installed a 7' fence around the perimeter of our backyard a few months ago to keep deer out and protect all the growing things.  One afternoon we accidentally left our nice wide gate open when we went to town, and when we returned, two young deer were IN the backyard, and Mom was on the other side of the fence, watching.  One made it out.  The other one slammed into a tree or fence post, broke its neck, and had to be "dispatched."  Thank goodness the Sheriff's office sent an animal control officer out and he did the deed for us.  The deer had already nibbled to nubbins the few veggies I had growing in the keyhole garden - sigh.  The whole business was awful.  Jimmy has since installed an automatic gate closer, so that won't ever happen again.

Our weather has been very windy the past few days, blowing a cold front east, so we didn't hear anything untoward last nite.  I did wake up a couple of times... these pics are what greeted us this morning.  Today is my birthday, but none of this is the kind of present you want to see on your birthday morn!

 The garbage can is always tethered to the left-hand tree, and bungee corded to the point where I have difficulty putting garbage in.  Not so for the bear that stopped by in the nite.  It even managed to twist the can out of shape!  I don't think our trash is worth all that effort, tho the Cool Whip container (which only had dregs in it) was licked clean!

 Then, after eating whatever the heck it wanted from the trash, it climbed over our 7' deer-proof fence (bending it in the process), and proceeded into the backyard.  It knocked the bird feeder pole out of the ground and ate all the "new" seed I got as a birthday present from the small feeder.  Didn't touch the "old" seed in the long feeder you see in the foreground - sigh.

 You can barely make out the tipped trash can top center.  It climbed over the fence near there.  The fallen pole feeder is at left, and the completely emptied round feeder is below the keyhole garden at right.  Its top is ten feet away, but at least it wasn't broken.

 The bear left the backyard here - opposite from where it came in.  The wire isn't supposed to look like that!

And then, adding insult to injury, it deposited this swell calling card, not far from the keyhole garden.  The answer to the question is:  The bear dumps where it wants to!
This is NOT a Happy Birthday present!

No damage was done, thank goodness.  We live in the foothills where critters like these, and others, live.  This was up close and personal, however.  Guess from now on the bird feeders will go into the garage nightly.  The garbage can stay in there, and the dang bear can go visit somebody else's yard!


  1. Couldn't help but laugh, sorry. What a memorable birthday for you! Have you left the bear a piece of birthday cake?? ;)

  2. Yikes! Sorry for all the damage.....

    1. @ Judy - as my brother, Rob, said: "Oh deer, I can bearly hold back the laughter." :)

      @ Nannie - no real damage. Just a mess to clean up!


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