Oh, Ho, Go Pro! Tues, 11/19/13

The newest member of our family is seen below.  And it's both exciting and exasperating -- because of the brain drain this learning curve will create.  While planning for our upcoming South American trip, we originally thought to buy a "throw-away" camera that would also take pictures underwater, as we plan to go snorkeling and river rafting. We kept forgetting to buy one!  Then we spotted a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition on television, and when I saw that, I said, "that's the one!"  My main research man went online and found out all kinds of info on the GoPro and all it could do, and then, by gum, he ordered it!  Thanks, Jimmy....

 So here's the camera itself - tiny, but with a good heft to it. 

 We'll need to attach a lanyard to something this small so we don't lose it!

And here ya go:  All the parts and possibles that come with the camera.  Gosh, I know "parts is parts," but this is ridiculous!  We'll have to read/study the small black manual in front center to maximize the camera's potential.  (In other words, so we can use it )  When I saw how many pages were in the manual, I winced, till I discovered I only needed to read the first half; the second half is in French.  More good news is that we can study the manual online, where we can enlarge the print so we can really see it!!

I wasn't home when the GoPro camera was delivered, so after removing all the pieces/parts from boxes and bags, Jimmy got a head start on checking it out.  When I got home, the first thing I wanted to do was see how to make it go, and then the questions began.  "What's this for," and "Where does this go," and "Why?"  We had a regular two-ring circus going on here for a while with Jimmy showing me what he learned and me trying to absorb it right now, but:  hey, move your fingers, I can't see what you're doing! what's this for? for what? wait, which is the on/off? is this the shutter? - move your hand, I CAN'T SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING.  And so on and on, you get the picture, pun intended.  We settled down at the table and got camera serious!

GoPro takes great action videos, wide angle shots, and it'll even take 30 "burst photos" in one second - wowzers!  Plus all kinds of other stuff.  I don't have any photos to show because we were enjoying our first rain in two months (kind of a novelty in this neck of the woods), and snow is falling in the Sierras.  Hooray!  Maybe tomorrow or this weekend we can get Out and About with our new camera.  Just no underwater stuff yet!


  1. Oh my! Definitely not a "throw away" camera! Good luck with the learning curve.... Once you get it mastered, I'll buy one and you an pass your knowledge on to me. It's what Big Sisters do for Little Sisters! :)

    1. Okay! Let's do it, and then we'll film some great adventures with our GoPro cameras! Yes????

  2. Oh deer! The deer story is such a bummer. And that Bear! Yup, bears in them thar mountains for sure. Sigh. We only had one here, and our garbage can was far from the house, but that bear was up by my porch. I saw him and first thought he was some big Newfoundland black dog on the loose, and then did a double take. He was only 10 feet away! I really can't say enough about Liquid Fence. It is 100 to 120 per gallon and worth every penny. It will train the deer to stay away from your yard. Even here in Rocky Point, surrounded by deer, and with no fence, I have managed to grow flowers that the deer usually eat. Also, maybe a hot wire tape around the top of your fence for the bear?? sorry, Nickie, I know you loved your gardens and were so excited about it all.

  3. I'll be interested in your thoughts after you've had a chance to use the GoPro. Mui bought one before our recent overseas trip, but after testing it took the whole kit and caboodle back ... didn't care for the fact that he was unable to see what he was shooting first having to download the video/photos.


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