Hello, Auburn, California! November, 2013

I left home when I was a mere child of 17, home being Niagara Falls, NY.  My sights were set on life in the bright Southern California sunshine, and nobody was going to talk me out of going (tho they tried!).  When I consider how physically far away I've been from family for much of my life, I doubly appreciate spending time with my sister and brothers and their families, and especially with my son, Matt.  He and his fiance, Jen, drove up to the Mother Lode Country last week from their home in Los Angeles, and here are a few pictures of one afternoon in Old Town Auburn, a 40-minute drive from our house.  Both Matt and I lugged our cameras with us several times last week and neither one of us remembered to use the dang things.

 Jimmy stands in front of the prominent "Gold Miner" statue, representative of Claude Chana (1811-1882), who discovered gold in them-thar foothills.  This concrete statue weighs 45 tons!

 While we were admiring the statue, Jimmy allowed as how it would be neat if a train appeared on the trestle just beyond.  Speak and it shall happen!  A BNSF rumbled by!

 Dome of the Placer County historic Courthouse, completed in 1898 (most of the building materials came from Placer County).  It's now a museum (free!) that houses Placer Co history, native American artifacts, and GOLD!  We peeked inside, but didn't have a chance to really explore.  Next time!

 This cute l'il building is the Old Auburn Firehouse, built in 1891.  An old-timey fire truck is housed inside.

 Matt and Me at Auburn Alehouse where we ate an early dinner.  Good food, great company!  Old Town has lots of restaurants and antique shops, fun places to poke around in.

And this photo has nothing to do with Matt, but I did see this mushroom family growing in our front yard.

The kids have already gone home, back to work.  We'll see them in a couple of weeks when we head south to Los Angeles, and board the Golden Princess for our cruise to South America!  Looking forward to THAT!  Jimmy and I have already begun the packing process, as in: taking the suitcases down from top shelves and thinking about what we might need, clothing-wise, etc., to see us thru a month during the South American summer!  Quite a challenge, as it will definitely not be summer when we leave Nevada City!


  1. A month is a long time to be on a cruise. Sounds exciting though.

    1. Uh-huh, we're excited! Actually the cruise is 17 days. We've added days in both Santiago and Punta Arenas (bottom of South America) to explore on our own. Wowzers! Fly back to LA on New Years Eve.


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