On Top of Old Stoney... Georgia, Sunday, Feb 23rd, 2014

Three weeks ago today, we left our Nevada City CA home.  Our ultimate destination this trip was Atlanta: 3,033 miles away.  This was our turn-around point.  Between west and east coasts, we did what we set out to do -- basically, we wanted to visit our families and so we did.  In between we managed a few challenges to our physical selves.  Today was one of those when we climbed the steep Stone Mountain walk-up trail -- a one-mile trail ascending 786 feet in elevation to a height of 1,686 ft.  One mile up, one mile down.  Not a big deal, but we got our aerobic workouts this day!  We started out about 10 am in jackets (since it wasn't even 50 degrees yet!), but we shed those early on.  Spectacular panoramic views awaited us at the top.

 The trail started out fairly easy, hopping from slab to slab, shaded by pines.

 Jimmy (in white shirt) trudges up and up.

 This piece of the trail is so steep, it required railings.  We used them, both hiking up and skidding down.

 Those folks are almost at the summit.  This walk-up trail was clogged with people of all ages and sizes, even a few runners showing off as they bounded uphill, as well as several younger people with babies on their backs!  It was heartwarming to see so many folks out getting exercise and enjoying their park

 From the Top!  Tergel is seen below the red arrow!

 Looking at Atlanta!

Jimmy way up there!

Ah so, we couldn't hang around up here.  Dinner with family called.

 Resting for a minute after our descent.  Let me finish this by saying:  It took us a lot longer to climb up than it did to "slide" down!

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday afternoon dinner at Red Lobster.  L-R:  Jimmy's sister, Kathy, Peter, me, Jimmy, Kathy & Peter's son, Nick, and Jimmy's Mom, Betty!

 Mom and Jimmy sitting outside on a warm afternoon (our first visit).  We spent part of every day with Mom and Kathy.

 While sitting on the deck, we all noticed this bright Eastern Bluebird flit from tree to ground.

Betty will be 90 this year, and she so looked forward to our visit.

And so our Atlanta trip closes, and Monday morning we will leave Stone Mountain bound for Daphne AL (again).  We said our goodbyes to Jimmy's kinfolk late afternoon so we could get some things done at our campsite before dark.  Our time spent here was worth it's weight in gold.

We're looking at 3,000 +/- miles return trip to NorCal, not really something we're relishing, except for repeat visits to family in Daphne/Mobile and Baton Rouge.  Maybe we'll make a stop at Big Bend Nat'l Park on our interminable drive across Texas.  We shall see.  The plan is to be home by mid-March, so it looks like three wks each coming and going.  My last photo is a rosy sunset over the Mountain we climbed today.  Truly... what a grand place.  And such a great visit for all.


  1. That's a cool view of Atlanta from the top of the mountain! I sure don't envy you the long drive home, though... Might Winnie be one of your stops along the way???

    1. We're talking about it, Judy, but it depends on the weather (as you know). I'll give you a heads-up as to when we leave Louisiana.

  2. Nice to see a picture of everyone, thanks for sharing. See ya soon!

  3. That's a lovely sunset shot of Stone Mountain; and the views from the top were worth the hike.


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