A Lake Tahoe area recon - Friday, May 16th, 2014

I guess I should say a Truckee, CA recon since that was the area we were technically looking at, but not as many people know where Truckee is as compared to Lake Tahoe.  Actually, they're next door to each other.  Here's a little known fact:  Lake Tahoe has many inlets (creeks, streams, etc), but only one outlet: the Truckee River.  The Truckee River, in turn, flows down, down, down into Pyramid Lake located above Reno, Nevada.

But first, here's a picture I took (while Jimmy was driving) up near Donner Summit.  Not much snow left at this elevation, more's the pity.  That straight line on the mountain is actually part of the train track system -- the snow "sheds," I believe (protects the tracks from deep snow).  It may be lacking in white stuff, but it's still quite a magnificent show.  From our house to Lake Tahoe/Truckee is approx 60 miles ... all of it uphill, and all of it (through the Tahoe National Forest) is beautiful!

 Near Donner Summit (7,239 ft).

Truckee River

We knew of several campgrounds on the Truckee River at about the 6,000 ft level, but wanted to see which campground suited us and which site we liked best.  Our questions were answered and we have both picked out for a few days outing the first week in June.  Price is another matter.  These campgrounds offer no hookups and should charge a nominal fee.  Usually forest service campgrounds charge seniors half price. But here a sign sez: This facility is Operated by Tahoe Recreation, a division of California Land Management, Under a Special Use Permit from U.S.D.A. Forest Service.  The cost is $22/night and no discount for seniors?  What's up with that?

While up in these parts, we decided to explore a new trail.  Called the Prosser Creek Trail, it tags along with the Commemorative Emigrant Trail.  Prosser Creek empties into a reservoir of the same name, and again, we could see the water level was considerably lower than normal.

 Lively Prosser Creek is braided at this point. 

 Our out-and-back hike of maybe three miles was relatively flat, except when we followed the left uphill fork which led us astray, and then we had to scramble down this dusty track to return to the river.  That was, umm, lots o' fun! 

Oh what a nice day!

Jimmy at the reservoir mouth with the Sierras as a backdrop!

 While warm and sunny, a stiff wind blasted out of the west, blew my visor clean off my head!

Patches of pretty Stansbury's Phlox decorated the hillsides.  I've included this picture, rather than the other one I took of bear poop.  I've already done enough bear poop pics.  I know... thanks!  You're welcome!


  1. The Sierras are SUCH beautiful mountains! And we saw lots of the snow sheds on our travels; took us a while to figure out what they are!

  2. Good choice on the phlox ;-))


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