It's a wrap -- eight years later!

This two-week October vacation into the Blue Ridge Mountains took place in 2006, before I began blogging, but I wanted to record it on our blog site.  We lived in Tallahassee, FL at the time, didn't own a motor home yet, and Jimmy was still working!  I kept notes on our vacations, perhaps to bring back warm memories in our old age.  In the next few posts, I'll condense our wonderful two weeks Out and About.  Click here to see the two-week chronicle. (Or click on 2006 on the left side of your screen.)  It's full of wonderful bike trails, fun and interesting places to visit, and a tidbit about Florida.... 

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  1. I had high hopes of getting some of our past travels into the blog ... have the photos and the notes ... but the time to do get the entries done still eludes me. Sigh!


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