A capital way to spend a day! Wednesday, 9/24/14

Matt was a little feller when we moved from SoCal to a small town near Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1989).  Naturally, we visited the State Capitol in Baton Rouge, especially since my sister worked in the towering building overlooking the Mighty Mississippi River.  That started something. During summer vacations when it was hotter'n a Tabasco pepper in the south, he and I would hop in my red Toyota extended-cab truck and head for the hills -- any hills -- as long as it was cooler.  I had a nice camper shell attached, so we could either sleep in our pup tent or in sleeping bags in the truck.  I had a pretty good system worked out.  We traveled from one end of the country to another on a shoestring budget, and along the way, wherever we were going, I'd make it a point to visit a State Capitol bldg, and drag Matt with me!  (And we always sent Nannie, my sis, a Capitol picture postcard!) 

And now, after two-plus years as California residents, Jimmy and I are finally spending a day at our State Capitol.  Hallelujah!

 This photo was taken approx 1890.  The building has undergone many changes since its beginning in 1861.  Too many for me to list.  You can read more here.

Governor Jerry Brown's official portrait ... from his first terms in office 1975-1983.
This has to be the most unusual official portrait ever!
28 years later, he was re-elected. Maybe he'll get a new portrait? (his wife wants one!) 

The "red" Senate chamber.  Jimmy is in the white cap.

When Arnie Schwarzenegger was governor (just as amazing as Jerry Brown's 28-year gap) he "bought" the bear and had it placed in front of the Governor's door.  It's art, don't even think of sitting on it.

The one-hour tour was full of newsy information and tidbits about past people.  We learned a lot of things, stuff we didn't know, which is good.  We toured the House and Senate chambers, learned about the building's history and related California history.  After the tour was finished, Jimmy and I wandered the halls, looking at exhibits and pictures.  Then we went outside.

 The grounds (despite the drought) were a delight.  Mature trees of all sorts, a rose garden, statuary, we walked all around; fact is, we walked till our feet talked.

I'm including the California Firefighters Memorial pic, because, well, because it's fitting.
They do a whale of a good job, and we are grateful

 We made our way down Capital Mall toward the Sacramento delta, and stopped in the Wells Fargo Center, for even more history.  Here we are looking at this fantastic desk....

On our way to fetch Smartie from the parking garage, we returned to the Capitol -- to buy picture postcards, of course!  Jimmy stands beneath the beautiful Capitol dome.

* * * * *

This evening's enchanting sunset.  Is that cloud bank a harbinger of drippy skies?
We hope so!!


  1. That's a mighty beautiful capitol!

  2. Had one very short trip to Sacramento years and years ago ... thanks for showing me what I missed.


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