Awww, how cute! Sacramento, 9/22-25

We're fairly sure it's a "she."  She even looks like a she, small and delicate.  When we settled Tergel in Site 237 at Cal-Expo on Monday 9/22, she turned up... late afternoon, I think.  Snack time.  She sat out in front of Tergel, far enough to be safe, but close enough to be seen.  Jimmy and I were sitting in our chairs having a cuppa and commenced talking to her.  "C'mere, kitty, kitty."  She inched closer. "Bet she's hungry," I said to Jimmy.  I swear she smiled!  OK, I'll fess up -- I went inside and hacked off a small piece of cheddar cheese.  Figured she'd prefer cheddar to jack.  Stepping outside, she was now beneath Tergel, behind the steps.  Correct.  The cheese was devoured.  

She played catty with me and moved away.  Cheese gone, she moved back under Tergel, looked at me and quietly said, "meow."  Aw, geez, melting like the proverbial soft touch, back inside I went and returned with a bag of chips (of all things) and spinach dip.  She liked the dip.  Left the chip.  (Actually the chips and dip were for us, but I was willing to share!)  I was sitting on the bottom step and by now she was a couple feet away from me.  "Meow."  Aw geez, back inside again!  Looking in the fridge, I spotted sliced roast beef for sandwiches.  Oh yeah!  Three times I returned to the fridge for another slice of roast beef.  She got so close, next to my hand, and GRABBED the last piece out of my hand and retreated.

She returned every day at snack time.  "Meow."  It worked like a charm every day!

Who could resist a sweet face like this?

 She took to following me around... always at a safe distance.

 I think she was under Tergel in this picture.  We'd just returned from an evening walk.

She was poking around in the weeds next to the asphalt (eyeing me, too), sure something was moving in the crack.  She pawed several spots, alert, and suddenly pounced.  Her prize was a small wiggly snake that she carried away to eat beneath a different motor home!

Quite a few feral cats inhabit Cal-expo.  They keep the rodent population down.  The American River bike trail is approx 100 feet to the left, and a rich diversity of wild critters lives along the water course.

My early evening walk on Wednesday revealed a "Murder of Crows" at Cal-expo's Harness Race Track, next to the RV Park.  Lots more were off to the left out of the picture.  They may have been discussing where to roost for the night, the price of tea in China, and other deep subjects.  Estimated number?  Hundreds.  Sycamore leaves rustling in the Delta breeze almost drowned out the sound of hundreds of crows!  The breeze felt wonderful.

When I turned around, the setting sun had turned the cloud bank into a rainbow of colors.  

Rain was forecast for Thursday morning, and about 6:30 am I heard the first light drops hit Tergel's roof.  Real rain fell till mid-morning.  Jimmy and I stayed high and dry, happy to watch puddles form in the parking lot -- a most welcome sight!  This is the first measurable rain in months.  Everyone hopes it will help knock down the massive King fire east of Sacramento.  That beast has grown to over 95,000 acres (150 sq miles +/-).  As many as 8,000 firefighters from across the nation are on scene.  Homes have been destroyed, and it has caused misery to thousands.  The monetary cost is astronomical:  $53 million dollars since it began nearly two weeks ago.  I've heard it's become the second most expensive California wildfire this year.  So, let it rain, rain, rain.  Containment is now at 55%; that's a big plus.  

One more note.  On our way home this afternoon, we pumped Tergel full of regular gas at Arco for $3.29/gallon! "Cheap" gas!  Splashed a few gallons in Smartie, too.  Now they'll both be ready to roll down the highway in a few weeks.

And the kitty?  She was waiting for us out front when we emerged from Tergel this morning after the rain. And?  She was walking toward another motor home as we pulled away.  Fickle feline!  We'll both miss her....


  1. What a beautiful cat! How come you didn't take her home with ya? Fran needs another one.... :)

  2. No loyalty ... at least she could have waited until you were out of sight before adopting another rig.


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