A couple of days worth... September 2014

Tuesday, 9/16. This is not a good time of year for California.  The entire state has endured a long, hot summer.  Oh, and need I add the word, "dry?"  Months have passed with no rain to speak of.  Fires ignite, maybe lightning, sparks from a backfire, carelessness, or even arson.  Everyone has read about the wildfires in the west, especially our state. Jimmy and I had to alter our camping plans not long ago due to smoke from forest fires.  In the past week more fires have broken out in NorCal, blanketing western Nevada County with smoke, which resulted in smoke (health) advisories.  Thank goodness, that's all we've had to put up with!  The Dog Bar Fire, six miles south of Grass Valley, is 95% contained now (more thankfulness).  The huge out-of-control King fire is approx 60 miles southeast of Nevada City, and depending on wind direction, we're either choked out or in the clear.  Others have it much worse.... Jimmy sez I shouldn't mention anything about the fires, but this is part of what goes on in our lives.

Jimmy took this pic of the King fire plume Monday (I was driving) in Auburn; the fire is 40 miles away!

Nevada City's Constitution Day parade and celebration (a local tradition since 1967, and the oldest and largest Constitution observance in the western US) was held on Sunday, 9/14.  These parades always involve a crazy good time!  It was pretty darned hot and a little smoky, but we went anyway, tho we missed over half the parade waiting on slooow food at a local lunch joint.  My son, Matt, (up from SoCal for the weekend) joined us.

 Broad Street in the historic district is decked out.

This is called "humorous, but reverent."  OK. 

 These two drew applause and laughter.

 I don't know if it was President Obama's attire or the cardboard cutout that made the crowd roar!

Matt and Teddy. 

I just love seeing a green John Deere hauling the Statue of Liberty.  So classic.

 These guys are terrific.  The Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and Temperance Society, LMTD, are high energy and funny, and they can PLAY!  They've been a parade favorite for 40 years!!

 Everything a marching band could possibly need, right?

Me and Mr. Rubber Ducky at the Duck Race, held in conjunction with the parade festivities.

Later that evening we all drove to Roseville to eat dinner -- Matt and Jen, Tom and Alice, me and Jimmy.  Tom and Alice and Matt cooked, and the food was delicious:  BBQ'd ribs, tater salad, beans and garlic bread, and a tasty slab of salmon for the non-rib eater (I'm smiling - it was so yummy).  We had such a grand time!  Too bad I forgot my durned camera.

Here's a nice picture of me and Matt taken Monday at Awful Annie's in Auburn, where we ate a really good lunch. Jimmy and I escaped from smoky Nevada City on Monday, and Auburn was a good choice.  The air was clear here, but because the temp was 93 or 95 or some HOT number, we sat indoors.  Another smart move.

So, life goes on.  Jimmy and I are busy planning now for our next trip, upcoming on Sunday, and maybe even plotting a bit for the one soon after (think air travel for that one!).

And we're all hoping it'll rain soon in the West.  Please!!


  1. Rains will come in October or November...with a little bit of luck. Talking about fires in the west is a bit like talking about tornadoes in Oklahoma or winter storms in Upstate New York, or floods on the Mississippi. The will come, and they will most likely come every year. For as many years as I can remember, it is a given that if you are in the west in August and September, you will very highly likely be exposed to some serious smoke at one time or another. Yes, it is getting to be more so. Longer fire seasons, more damage, partly because of the weather, but also because there are just so very many of us now living in that urban interface in the forest. It is a bummer, but with drought and warming temperatures, serious bug infestations based on too many years with fire suppression....and on and on....it just is. So you might as well talk about it. And then do just like you did and just like we humans do, return to talking about our families and our loves and all the good that is in our lives. Good food, wonderful family, handsome son. The little town of Weed, just south of us was hit yesterday. I am still just furious because on CNN, the King fire in El Dorado County warranted a live interview, while the 100 homes destroyed along with half the mill, the Catholic church and an elementary school in Weed didn't even get a mention. So, yeah, Nickie, talk about the fires. Those dang people on the news don't bother and we have to know what is really going on one way or another.

  2. Some year I would like to be there for that parade... And your son, dear sister, is still a HUNK!

  3. Sounds like a fun time was had by all! As Sue says, come they shall ... whatever disaster mother nature wants to throw at each state ... but it sure would be nice if CA could catch a break every once in a while.

  4. Anonymous2:06 PM

    37 degrees this AM here in WW. You can keep ur hot weather. And, yes, Matt is a good-looking Dude.

  5. I get it from my momma.... :)


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