Welcome to the first day of Autumn! Tuesday, 9/23/14

Honestly, what could be better than a coolish morning with clear blue skies, and no smelly smoke in the air?  Today was a super fantastic fall day!  Isn't the above scene pretty?  Jimmy and I decided to ride the American River Bike Trail which runs 32 miles from Folsom CA to Old Sacramento.  For us (staying at Cal-Expo), it's a short ride to Old Sac, roughly seven miles.  It's a really great multi-purpose trail, used by both recreational cyclists like ourselves and commuter cyclists, as well as joggers and just plain folks out for a stroll. 

We encountered a bit of wildlife along the way.  Mr and Mrs Wood Duck very obligingly posed for a photo.  Didn't get a picture of the deer crossing the trail -- it skedaddled into the thickets.

The trail flora is diverse.  Open fields morph into a trail lined with mature Cottonwoods draped with vines.  In Discovery Park, the Sycamore trees dwarf all life below.  (see Jimmy?)
Discovery Park is at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers.

We passed the old abandoned PG&E Co Powerhouse Building (circa 1912).  Word on the street is it may be renovated to become the Powerhouse Science Center.  That would be cool. 

We see pictures of the Tower Bridge all the time (on the news, etc.), but this is our first time to see it up close... and ride across it. 

The Tower Bridge is a vertical lift bridge across the Sacramento River.  We ate our sandwiches and tater salad sitting on a tree-shaded bench with the bridge in view.  I remarked to Jimmy that I wished the bell would ring and a whistle sound, and the traffic gate close ... so I could watch the lift raise.  By gollies, I got my wish:  the bell rang, a whistle blasted, and the traffic gate closed.  I raced to the bridge and watched a sailing ship (tourist) motor beneath. The lift is lowering into place above. What fun! 

Wind vane atop the control tower.

The bridge is a bright, shiny gold color .  Maybe it should be called the Golden Gate?  Wikipedia tells me that in June 1976 it was painted a yellow-ochre color, to be representative of the gold-leafed cupola on the nearby State Capitol.  In 2001, as the old paint job could hardly be distinguished, residents who lived within 35 miles of the capital voted on a new color scheme.  Their choices were burgundy, green, silver and gold, or all gold. Obviously the winning color was all gold and it was repainted in 2002.  I like it.

Nice bike (glad I didn't have to ride this thing)!

We pedaled on the River Walk, biked along the Delta trail, thru Old Sac, and back on the American River trail, never in a hurry; we're slow.  We had a wonderful time.  Put 21 miles on the bikes today.

The Green Bridge over the American River at Discovery Park.  (see Jimmy?)

This handsome Great Blue Heron seemed convinced that his camouflage rendered him invisible.  Haha, fooled him.
I took his picture anyway!

Tomorrow?  To the State Capitol.

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  1. Love that bridge ... maybe it's the color.


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