More family time! Friday, Jan 29th, 2016

We had a specific reason, a sad one, to fly to the southeast at this time.  While this is my blog, I'm only one-half of Nickie and Jimmy, and can only speak for myself and share what I want ... within reason.  Sometimes the things that drive us don't need to be publicly shared, and this is one of those times.  Besides, Jimmy and I are upbeat, practical people, and we enjoy talking about good stuff and sharing our joy of living.  This is, after all, Out and About.  So, onward we go to Daphne, AL, where he and I lived for approx five years before moving to Nevada City, CA  ....

Our balcony at the Hampton in Daphne, AL, overlooks Mobile Bay and its ever-changing moods.  As in Baton Rouge, the water level is up on local rivers dumping into the Bay, swamping shorelines. Except for their lacy drapes or skirts of Spanish Moss, Cypress trees in wintertime look frail and naked.  

The Eastern Shore Trail loops around near the Hampton, which we accessed via a wooden bridge, and it's easy to spot birds, either basking, flying, or dipping into D'Olive Creek in hopes of a fish.  We've seen alligators here before, but not this trip.  In fact, this is well known as "Gator Alley."  Because the temps are still quite cool, gators may be in hiding.  One evening we spotted the pretty and perfectly camouflaged Anhinga on a branch overlooking the creek.  Morning and evening walks are especially nice here, before or after the bustle of the day.

We found these State Reptiles -- Alabama Red-Bellied Turtles -- parked on a log, lapping up some warm rays.

On our way to see Jimmy's grandson and daughter-in-law, we crossed the busy Alabama River. 

Friday was a fine day to visit Michele and AJ.  Jimmy and I brought sandwiches so we could spend the day chatting and reminiscing, drinking coffee and enjoying sunshine out on the deck.

My camera has been acting up when confronted with extreme sun/shade, so I apologize for the lousy pics.  AJ is really a handsome 14-year-old fellow!  It was grand to see them both.  Jimmy and I had to watch when we drove across the Bay because Mardi Gras parades were ongoing in Mobile.  Translate that into massive traffic tie-ups and crowds.

Back at the Hampton, I came across this hawk, just sitting, looking around, seemingly not scanning for dinner.

One of absolute best reasons for staying on the Bay side of the Hampton is the outstanding sunsets, being present to watch as radiant reds and oranges, ever deepening, chase a pasty blue from the horizon ... even as they dawdle on the water.  This one was especially magnetic.


  1. Oh my, look how tall AJ is now! Wow!

  2. That is one gorgeous sunset. Staying upbeat when life throws us sad curves is the right way of handling things ... not always easy to do, but sounds like you're managing to do so.


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