Time to go home ... Tues/Wed, Feb 2nd and 3rd

Jimmy and I stayed busy the entire week.  Hertz said we put 662 miles on the rental car that we had for five days, but that's because we did a lot of back and forth driving.  We had a nice dinner with Jimmy's sister at Olive Garden in Spanish Fort on Thursday night, and drove out to see her at her apartment in West Mobile on Saturday night.  (I forgot to take pictures, "my bad.")  On our way back to Baton Rouge, we went by Jimmy's daughter-in-law, Michele's, for coffee and more hugs.  So, we spent as much time as we could with all our relatives in Alabama, both sides of the family ... that's what we aimed to do.  We're grateful we were able to see everyone.

Turned in the rental car Monday afternoon in Baton Rouge; my sister picked us up.  The drive on I-10 is roughly 220 miles from Daphne, and we always change drivers at Stennis on the Mississippi state line.  Thank goodness Louisiana had done some much-needed roadwork on I-10 and we didn't bounce all over the freeway like we used to.  Geez, we used to dread driving Tergel on this highway, jaw-jarring, teeth-rattling, headache-producing I-10. Not today! Granted we weren't in Tergel, but the highway had been repaved, and it was good.  Definitely worth cheering about!

We appreciated the sunny, warm day since the next day (Tuesday) had a forecast of rain, with possible severe storms -- not an outside day.  Instead, Nannie and Bubba took us to Zea's for lunch, followed by a fun trip to nearby Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck?).  The four of us managed to find a few things to buy! 

Afterwards, we stopped in to see our friend's new house.  You see the three of us below:  Nannie, Shirley, and Me, the three mooseketeers.  We were cutting up and laughing like loonie birds, which made taking a decent picture kinda dicey for Jimmy.  That's okay, laughter is good for the soul.  Showers and packing were next after we got back to my sister's house that evening.  Our flight to Sacramento left at 8:21 Wednesday morning.  Get up and go -- no time to sit around schlepping coffee!

Nannie and I were very, very happy to be together for these few days!  We are like two peas in a pod.  People used to ask us all the time if we were twins (could be, tho I'm seven years older!).  One time a grocery checker asked us, "Are y'all twins or are y'all sisters?"  We still hoot when we talk about that one.  For much of our lives, our hairstyles were similar, so we did look more alike than in the above pic.

This wraps up our week.  Hugs were hearty and frequent -- seeing each loved one's face was both poignant and pleasurable -- truly, it meant everything to us.  When Jimmy and I were in the Himalayas last October, we often heard the phrase "Tashi delek" (especially in Tibet and Bhutan).  In English, it basically translates to "Blessings and good luck."  Tashi delek to all.


  1. Glad you are home safe after a wonderful time. With more to come soon for sure! I always love seeing photos of you and Nannie.

  2. Tashi Delek indeed. Nice family reconnection visit.


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