Valentine pool-time! Feb 14th, 2016

Since we spent much of yesterday gallivanting Out and About and it turned into a fairly long day, the four of us wanted to chill out and hang out ... poolside.  This is not a mere swimming pool.  Set amidst waterfalls and lava rocks, this salt-water pool complex boasts sparkling plunge pools, whirlpools and loungers.  There's a sand-bottomed pool and a kiddie pool. A water slide and a "tunnel" slide.  Volleyball in the sports pool.  A fitness center.  Even a cold plunge pool (shudder, no thanks!).  Take your pick.  Towels are provided.  Just wear a bathing suit and bring your SPF.  Surrounding all is lush and colorful landscaping.  Enjoy!!

Nope, this isn't the pool, although this is the entrance to the pool complex, and activity center, bistro/lounge, deli/bar (woohoo, 60" TV's), vacation check-in, information, and -- last, but not least -- the shuttle stop.

Tom and Jimmy, ready to hit the pool.

Notice who is not in the photo because she is TAKING the photo.  Sorry, no bathing suit shots of me!  I spent most of my time in the water, and even got up the courage to send my *1-year-old body down the slide and the tunnel chute, not just once, but several times.  Loved it!  We tried different pools with varying temperatures, but everyone's favorite was the hot tub, of course.  All day at the pool?  Wonderful panacea for anything that ails ya!

Always monkeyin' around!

Saw these little fellas poolside, too.  Left is the Orange-spotted day Gecko and on the right is a Brown Anole.  It appears the Gecko is growing a new tail.  Jimmy sez it's either an Insurance Gecko or Art Decco!

This is my favorite picture.  Boy toes and girl toes!

Tom is having a blast in the waterfall.

Two grown men in line with the kids for a free shaved-ice cup.

What a relaxing day, and, after all, isn't that what life is about?  Going and doing AND relaxing?  I wish to heavens I'd remember that each part of my exposed body needs sunscreen protection!  I always seem to miss a spot (sigh...).  When we got hungry, we ordered lunch at the deli (behind where the shaved ice was served), and then the guys walked across to the condo and brought back our Mexican Train Domino set, and we played a few rounds sitting in the shade.  The picture above is looking out from the pool complex area toward Bldg 21 where we're staying.  Everything looks very green and tropical, tho without water, about all you'd see would be piles of lava, like the photo below.

This kitty seemed comfy on it's lava rock perch behind the condo, and wouldn't turn around, period.

At dusk the tiki torches are lit.  After dinner we strolled around, inhaling the evening fragrances (no VOG today), and admiring the grounds.  One last picture and then we climbed into the elevator for the third floor and resumed our domino games.  

Oh my!


  1. Jimmy! Sounds like Nickie is getting sunburn spots meaning SOMEONE is not rubbing Nickie's body with sunblock properly. Rub, rub, rub her bod, gently to suit seams, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, spread that sunblock cream. ;)

  2. Nice tootsies shot! Somehow I think it was warmer both in and out of the pool than here at Balmorhea SP ... except maybe at the plunge pool

  3. What a great place to spend Valentine's Day! Looks like everyone a good time!

  4. Those pools look wonderful. All day in the pools, sounds magnificent in that beautiful weather. What fun. I liked the tiki torches all lit up, and that last sun photo was interesting too...no VOG but something showing up at sunset in the skies it seems

    1. Cloud layers out to sea.


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