Let's go to the Fair! Aug 9th, 2012

And so we did! The event voted as “Nevada County’s Best Event” for 12 years in a row in beautiful Grass Valley, CA, with live entertainment, delicious food, carnival rides, animals and exhibits – in a community-friendly environment. Thursday was hot a hot one, with an unrelenting sun, but t'was forecast to be the "coolest" day of the five-day fair, which ends Sunday the 12th. Well, we got an early start, but thank heaven for tall shade trees! Neither of us could recall if/when we'd ever been to a county fair, so we enjoyed the heck out of this one.

Early for the food vendors. Lines formed later.

Here we have one showcase of blue-ribbon homemade goodies. There were lots more.

This "ride" was new one to us: Walk on Water, and the kids were having a ball (heh heh).

We spent most of our time looking at farm animals, big & little. This feller had a bad-hair day.

This one simply looked loco.

Pigs were, um, resting. Chloe raised this porker. Said he was comfortable....

This guy flat-out didn't care.

Everybody got hot this week at the fair!

Aww, the sheep were cute. (One second later, the boy's Mom screeched, "Oh don't kiss him!" Too late, the boy kissed anyway!)

The sheep were real cute.

We looked. We didn't ride. Anything.

Lots of fair exhibits, rides, etc., on either side of this main walkway.

We watched a miniature horse show. I wanted to ride in the cart....

Despite the heat, the Free-Flight Bird Show was great, showcasing birds from other continents!

I cannot remember what this bird-of-prey was called, but it was gorgeous.

Great way to get donations in the box: Pretty-boy gently took your dollar in his beak and stuffed into the slot on top.

Jimmy's watching the bird show. See him?

We spent most of the day here and I took beau coup photos. Saw everything from chicks hatching to world-class pumpkins, draft horses to miniatures, quilts and fibers and children's art. Sheep shearing, Ugliest Dang Decorated Cakes (riotous) and so on and so on. You get the idea. A jolly good time at our Day at the Fair!

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  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Great pictures! Animals make the best subjects, huh. Thanx for sharing! love from NANNIE


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