Adios, good-bye and good riddance.... April 16, 2014

Have you written or typed the year lately, only to begin with the numbers 19 or perhaps 200, instead of the correct 201 and, for today - 2014?  I don't know why my fingers want to turn back the hands of time, say to 2004 for instance (which is what I originally typed).  That's crazy!  When I was growing up -- back when dinosaurs roamed the earth -- the year 2000 seemed so far away (it was!) and anything connected with the new millennium or beyond was total science fiction in my mind, à la Flash Gordon and spaceships.  Now we are in it.  Some of us are slow to catch up!  However, yards still need upkeep, never mind those pesky Martians! 

I left my last post with the overgrown boxwood hedge in front of our Nevada City house, and the fact that it was time to attack it, way past time.  Give it a haircut or yank it out.  The first photo below was taken on April 2nd, and it shows the boxwood bent in half under the weight of an early spring heavy, wet snow. Literally the hedge was knocked to the ground.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

 The first foray into trimming it, and what might be involved.  A lot!

 The hedge trimmer knocked off maybe half a foot, which went into the yard waste can.  Filled it to the brim!  Then we quit for the day.  For several days!

Five days later, back to it!  All those low-lying brown branches on the ground are still firmly attached, and have to be cut.

 Between hedge trimmer, loppers, and a chain saw, we got into it and after it!

 Made a mess, too.  No chance of all this getting into yonder yard waste can.  We piled it high in the backyard, with the hope of burning it one day.  Not just any ol' day:  our area has designated "burn days."  Calm, no wind, and with higher humidity.

 Getting close to finishing up.  Thank goodness!  Don't want to do this again!

 We cut at least two feet off the dense hedge.  Surprised to discover a hidden dirt planting area that had been completely obscured by the overgrown boxwood. 

We were a bit concerned that the trimmed hedge would be an eyesore.  I don't think so!!!

This pink and white azalea opposite the boxwood has nothing to do it.  I simply love it's color.



  1. I think I would have been tempted to have someone bulldoze them out of there instead of all that work!

  2. I think I would have given up and called in someone to take care of that hedge. More power to you.

  3. It sure does look 1000% better! What a huge undertaking, though. That would have ruint my back for certain.


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