Palace of Fine Arts -- Presidio -- Wednesday morning, 4/23/2014

Jennifer and Matt's second venue for their April 1st wedding pictures was the Palace of Fine Arts, but a steady downpour precluded that.  Jimmy and I had never seen the PFA, so their limo driver ferried the entire wedding party in the rain for show and tell. We didn't get out, but vowed to return.  You can see why in the photos below.  Its beauty is mind-boggling.  The colors are gorgeous.  Look for yourself.

We can see the Palace rotunda dome from our corner room at Cow Hollow Motor Inn!  Actually, we could easily walk to it.  We can also see part of the Golden Gate Bridge -- kinda nice!  If you're wondering where the Cow Hollow name comes from, I can tell you that this area of the city is where dairy cows were kept, chewing their cuds and lounging their days away.  Of course those times are gone -- as fine, beautiful homes replaced moo cows long ago.

Jimmy and I walked around the perimeter, beside the peaceful lagoon, marveling at monstrous fish, carp I guess. We spied basking turtles, and saw some ducks and geese and a lone swan, but there was no sight of the aggressive raccoons that merited a "warning!" sign.  We wandered in and out of the colonnade and craned our necks up under the massive dome.  Every step along the way cried out for a photo op!

The people gathered behind us gives you a good idea of size!

Quit messing up my hair!

I was thinking that one of those homes across from the Palace of Fine Arts wouldn't be a bad place to live....

Next up:  The Golden Gate Bridge, up close and personal!


  1. "Quit messing up my hair!' Ha Ha!

  2. That place is plumb GORGEOUS! wow!

  3. I can see why you wanted to visit the Palace of Fine Arts ... too bad the photo op here didn't work out for the bride and groom ... really lovely.


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