... so this is what greeted us!! Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Though every little bit helps to relieve the record-setting California drought, THIS is not exactly what we hoped to see upon returning from San Francisco on Wednesday!!  Hey, the calendar tells me Spring -- but this SNOW tells me otherwise.  The heavy, wet snow weighed heavily on all it touched.  I'd planted some flower and veggie seeds, but won't know the weather's impact on these or on other delicate new growth till I can get out and look.  I also wonder how fruit and nut trees fared elsewhere.  Hope the local crops won't suffer too badly.

The snow fell Monday night and Tuesday morning, and our friends across the street shoveled our driveway for us, thank goodness.  If they hadn't, I doubt we could've pulled in.  While the snow is melting slowly, we still have patches here 'n there.  Temps have been chilly, too.  Seems as tho our thermometer has been stuck on 39/40 degrees for way too long. Like a lot of other folks in this country, we are ready for SPRING!

Then the TV weather forecaster teases us by saying next week the temps will rise into the 70's.  Bring it on!!


  1. At least we're not dealing with any white stuff in our continued "this is not normal" weather here in Port Aransas.

  2. Now those are some mighty good neighbors, shoveling your drive! Extra treats for them, eh? And tomorrow we will be wandering down to Port Aransas, hopefully the weather will be good...!

  3. Ack! you got more snow than we did coming home! Although we did see it in the Sierras as we passed you on the back side of the mountains. Hope all your little plants are doing OK. That snow looks really wet and heavy but not all that cold. At least not cold like winter cold, more like spring cold, which sometimes feels colder even though it isn't.

    1. Haha, Sue! These pics were taken when we got home. Photos from our good friends showed just how heavy the snowfall was. It may not have been "winter" cold, but it felt pretty darned chilly to us! I just checked to see what's left and one tiny 2" x 3" patch of snow under a tree is all I see! Good riddance! Beautiful, warm spring day today!


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