A real Classic -- Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Father's Day weekend provided lots to do around town, beginning with the annual opening of our weekly Saturday morning Nevada City Farmer's Market.  The picture below doesn't show much of a crowd, but that's because most everyone was down at the other end of the street where the fresh fruits and veggies are. Plus, it was early, which IMO is the best time to go.  We picked up a hefty Napa cabbage, kale (for smoothies), and a pound of walnuts. We also bought freestone peaches because we could smell their aroma before we saw the vendor -- now that's a good recommendation! They were delicious, too. 

Here's Jimmy shooting the breeze with our friends, Marlene and Cliff, at their well-attended stand.  Their main product is organic mushrooms (many varieties)!

* * * * *

Sunday morning seemed like a good time to hit our canal trail for a leisurely walk, with near-perfect temps for outdoor exercise.  I almost always take my point-'n-shoot camera with me, in case I see something swell. The water level seemed low again, but at least water was flowing.  We didn't necessarily see anything swell, except some very nice wildflowers. 

California Indian Pink (Silene californica) - a foothill flower ranging up to about 4,000 ft.  This flower is named not for its color, which is decidedly unpink, but because it appears to have been thru the laundry with a pair of pinking shears.  This is a commonly heard explanation.  On the other hand, Wikipedia asserts that pinking shears were named after the flower!  Interesting information!

 Phantom Orchid (Cephalanthera austiniae).  Don't let the green leaves fool you, this plant rises from the moist forest floor on waxy stems with white orchid blossoms and no leaves.  This species is also entirely dependent on symbiotic mycorrhizae for its nutrition -- as in, it has no chlorophyll, so it makes no energy for itself.  Very cool to see.

Of course, beautiful Crimson columbine (Aquilegia formosa) was represented on the canal path

One of my favorites is Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) and they lined the path in places.

* * * * *

On Father's Day, our town hosted the 54th annual Nevada City Bicycle Classic, which begins at 12:45 pm with a children's parade and finishes with the Men's Pro winner @ 6:30 -- fun for the entire family.  We arrived around 5 pm after an early dinner to watch the Men's Pro start.  Neither Jimmy nor I had ever been to a true bicycle race, à la Tour de France, and we got caught up in the spirit of bicycle racing!  We found the event quite exciting, so much so that we needed an ice cream to keep up our strength !  The lap course wasn't long, but it had two basics that I could see:  Uphill and Downhill.  Out of 57 racers in this class, a 24-year-old guy won the 90-minute race.  I bet he wasn't even breathing hard.

... and they're off... 

"Flying" down Broad Street at speeds of up to 50 mph... and then entering a curve!  Egad!

 ... riding up Commercial Street ...

 Overcast skies moved in, which was a blessing for contestants and crowd alike.
One more lap and the winner is:

The guy in blue with his arms raised!  Walton Brush of Mike's Bikes claimed victory.

The End!


  1. So nice to see familiar sights! The basket I bought is still in use..... Did anyone fall down in the bike race?

    1. Actually there were several crashes, inc one in the Women's Pro 1/2 due to a bad crash on turn 2. Officials had to halt the race so an ambulance could reach the fallen rider. We didn't see anybody fall/crash, thank goodness!

  2. That mushroom stand would have gotten some business from me.


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