A true blue lake: Tahoe, Wednesday, 6/4/14

This trip to the Truckee River/Lake Tahoe area has been an eye-opener!  We've learned so much about the area, and everything we've done in the last three days has been a new experience or a new adventure.  We like camping (even tho we are sans hookups) at Granite Flat on the swift and shallow Truckee River.  It's early in summer, I know, but there are very few RV's of any sort in this National Forest campground.  Good for us! The beauty of it is this -- we are only 60 miles from home!  We can drive over the mountain any ol' day, either to camp or just to day-trip. Hiking and biking abound, plus river and lake water for boating and kayaking. Restaurants are close in Truckee or Tahoe City or even Squaw Valley.  There's plenty of shops for lookie-loos and shop-a-holics.  Lots to do, for sure!

Fragrant lilacs are in bloom!  My sister and I love these flowers.  This one's for you, Nannie! 

Jimmy and I were slow to move this morning, but knew we needed to get up and get going... get those muscles moving!  We planned a bike ride along Lake Tahoe, and drove to a parking area near the center of town.  Only ten miles R/T, our ride was completely different from Monday's ride, but still most enjoyable. We paused to ogle some of the lakeside homes (mansions!) and commented that there are people who have a lot of money!  We stopped frequently, looking at birds, flowers, and the bluest water ever!  This is a very bike-friendly town; we saw lots of people pedaling.  A bike trail, with restrooms and drinking fountains, runs from Squaw Valley to Lake Tahoe and half way down the western side of the lake.  (Also, a wide bike lane runs all the way from Truckee along Hwy 89.) Jimmy and I ate our picnic lunch sitting on a bench at water's edge, watching a young couple throw sticks, pine cones, rocks, anything, into the water for their dog to fetch - that was fun.  We got "home" early enough to gently park our bottoms on our chairs next to the Truckee River and just chill out!  Nice, very nice.

 Blue!  That's all the naked eye and the camera eye sees - blue lake, blue sky, blue mountains (those mtns would be on the Nevada side of the lake).  Stunningly blue.  Crystal clear water.

 Brrrr... also cold!

So beautiful.  Picturesque.

Mr. and Mrs. Common Merganser.  He's bathing.  She watching!

A lone sailboat motors toward Tahoe City.  Nevada mountains the backdrop.

I began seeing these Snow plants every day!  It belongs to the Indian Pipe family.  Hot mama RED!

Back in our chairs, across the river lies a grove of newly-leafed out Aspens nestled in the talus slope.

And finally, a dragon in the sky.  While relaxing in our chairs, it's kinda fun to gaze upwards.  The few clouds we saw were interesting.  Look at that blue sky!

Tomorrow we go back to our Nevada City home.  But first... we'll pick up a passenger.  No, not a hitchhiker.  Before driving home, we'll mosey on down to the Reno airport and pick up a very special person.  Guess who is coming to visit for the next week?  Can't wait!


  1. Ahh, Tahoe, the clearest, bluest, lake ever. Although the 'summer homes' that are around there do mar the view a bit these days. I used to go up there long ago when there were fewer of them. Nice to see the photos of that gorgeous place and so glad you are enjoying it. It is always nice to have a place to go that is higher elevation when the summer gets unbearably hot in the foothills. Although Nevada City isn't nearly as hot as Sonora was/is. Lovely lovely trip, I so enjoyed reading about it, Nicki.

  2. Aren't we lucky to live so nearby? I love knowing that a day trip is a realistic possibility, and much more frequent now that summer has arrived. Maybe we can meet one day and do a shuttle to hike the Rubicon trail from Vikingsholm to Bliss state park. BTW, we hiked the south grove at Calaveras Big Trees yesterday. OMG, those trees are monsters! Fun day.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful week coming up!

  3. Yo! The special has arrived and is having a wonderful time! Happy!

  4. I remember Lake Tahoe as being very green ... but we were looking down at it and the trees were reflecting off the surface of the water.


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