Into each life ... the week of March 7th - March 15th

... comes death.  Nobody escapes this one.  It was a rough week.  I didn't know if I wanted to write about it, but this is, after all, not just a chronicle of mine and Jimmy's travels, it's a journal of our lives, which touches on our families, too.  So, it's with a saddened heart that I tell you about Jimmy's Mom, Betty.  She went into the hospital (in Mobile AL) early in March with a digestive problem.  We never did get a proper diagnosis.  We all hoped she'd bounce back and return to her apartment.  Not so.  The problem couldn't be fixed, and she passed away peacefully on Saturday, March 7th, with her daughter, Kathy, at her side.  She was 90 years old, had lived a good long life, and was ready to leave her tired body.

Jimmy and I swung into action and got airline reservations, packed, and were on the first (of three) flights that day by 10:30 Sunday morning.  Very long day.  I'm not going to highlight everything that we experienced last week. Suffice to say, the week was stressful and exhausting.  Her funeral on Wednesday was what she wanted (she'd taken care of everything in advance), and family members came from several states to bid her farewell. She would've liked that.  After the funeral, most everyone retreated to the apartment she shared with Kathy, for the funeral lunch.  I took very few pictures.

Rain and showers pestered Mobile the entire week.  I guess I could've finished the subject line with the words "... a little rain must fall."  Fall it did, off and on, all week.  The gray picture above overlooks Mobile Bay, between rain showers.

Not all was gloom, however,  Dinner for the family Tuesday evening at Zea in Mobile was enjoyable.

 L-R: Betty's grandson Nick; son, Jimmy; daughter, Kathy; and brother, Raymond.

Nowadays funerals are not called always that; they're called "celebrations of life."  That sounds nice.  And why not celebrate a long life?  Only last November, Jimmy and I drove Tergel to Mobile, spending a week or so with the family to celebrate Betty's 90th birthday with a party.  She was excited!  She'd had a feeding tube inserted a year ago and hadn't taken food by mouth since then, so she was even more excited to learn she had the nurse's okay to eat a bit of her birthday cake, with frosting.  She loved that!  She ate a whole piece and when she was finished, she licked the frosting off her lips, smiling all the while.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  That's a good memory to keep.

Rest in Peace, dear sweet Betty.  The best Mom and mother-in-law anyone could ask for.


  1. It was a rough week for y'all! Glad we could be there to help, and to celebrate Betty.

  2. My deepest condolences to you and Jimmy.

  3. So sorry for your family. 90 years was a very long life and she certainly looks like she enjoyed it to the fullest! I'm hoping your memories bring much comfort.

  4. What a beautiful lady. A Lady. In the true sense of the word. So glad that you were able to spend her birthday with her. Wishing you healing memories as you recuperate from what must be the most difficult journeys we are asked to undertake.

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I am sorry to hear about Jimmy's Mom but loved the pictures of her with her 90th cake.


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