Saturday's Snow Surprise! Feb 28, 2015

Everyone in NorCal was happy at the prospect of rain this weekend, with snow in higher elevations.  Any precipitation at all would be a welcome dent in the ongoing drought.  Since this was a cold front, snow levels were predicted to start at 5,000 ft, down from the 7,000 ft earlier pineapple express storms brought. Later, forecasters revised the snow levels to begin at 3,500 ft.

Beginning Friday evening around 7 pm, a spectacular thunderstorm parked overhead for a half hour or so, which included hail, and then a steady rain fell till about Midnight -- hooray!  Saturday morning, around 7 am, rain recommenced, followed by sleet, and then what you see below is what we saw on our back deck!  Our elevation is 3200 ft.  Looks like the snow level is right here!

Saturday Surprise!  Big, fat, wet snowflakes continued to fall all morning.

Poor ol' rosebush, with it's new growth, might not like all this wet, heavy snow!

Uh-oh,  Wished I would've carted these potted plants to the garage before ....

Native Redbud tree, in bloom, covered in snow.

Hummingbird feeder looks sort of useless to me and to the hummingbirds, as well, I'm sure!

The next day dawned cold, clear, and beautiful.  Some snow remained on the ground, tho half of it melted overnight.  Time will tell if any of my plants didn't favor being snowed on.  Most are hardy enough to cope.  We were really flabbergasted to find out later that just one block away and a bit lower in elevation, no snow fell -- only rain.  Apparently we were at the snow level cut-off point.  It was fun being indoors, watching ... with a roaring fire in the (gas log) fireplace!


  1. Oh, what fun! Winter for a couple of days - just right!

  2. Your home is so cozy and comfortable, it would be a great place to enjoy a snow storm! It is hard on those little plants that thought spring was going full blast, to suddenly be reintroduced to winter again. So far that hasn't happened here. we got about as much snow as you had in the very first photo, and it was gone before midday.


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