Patrick's Point St Pk, California, Oct 16 & 17, 2011

Looking at Agate Beach from the top of the trail.

Monday morning was really foggy. Began clearing as we walked down... is that a fog-bow?

The fog bank lies just off shore, but it does stay out there. Love this photo of Jimmy on the beach.

Not easy navigating these steps. How do you like Jimmy's sweatshirt?

Still hugging the Pacific Ocean, we drove south a short distance to spend a couple of nites at Patrick's Point St Pk. High on the point, we camped overlooking the ocean, a very fine place to be. Tiny bunny rabbits appeared out of the bushes for morning/evening siflays - they sure were cute. One morning the fog lay pea-soup thick, but it cleared by mid-morning and off we went down the steep path to Agate Beach. We strolled the sands for probably three hours - three most relaxing hours - keeping a watchful eye on the rising tide. Almost got caught a couple of times and it might have made a funny YouTube video to see me (not Jimmy) sprinting from a dead stop in sand to escape getting a soaking! When we were here two years ago, we found lots of agates; today I found one small one. We saw lots of everything else and maybe I'll do a separate posting of photos to show a few of the swell - if bizarre - things we found.

The afternoons were sunny and warm and enjoyable. We walked along the rim trail, seeing no one else, with its excellent views of the ocean and offshore rocks; the water was dotted with sea birds bobbing up and down on the waves - most of them common murres. There aren't many campers this time of year and we enjoy the quiet. On a sour note, we noticed evidence throughout the park of the state cut-backs - lots of negligence in park upkeep, as in the steps above. Budget cuts, doncha know. So sad.

So, from here we head inland, away from the coast. Don't know which route we'll take; might not make any difference! Love being by the water - pretty soon we'll be cruising on the Blue Pacific!


  1. There is something so relaxing about walking along an ocean beach. I wish I was doing that now. :)


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