Friends, Food, and Fun in Sacramento!

What a good time we've had here, and Sacramento wasn't even on our radar scope initially! We pulled into Cal-Expo RV Park Thurs afternoon. Warm and sunny days are forecast for our stay (10/21 thru 10/24). We weren't aware of the American River Bike Trail up till now either, but we certainly availed ourselves of this fine 33-mile-long paved bike trail that runs alongside of the river from Sacramento to Folsom. Cal-Expo is right on the trail at about Mile 6. On Friday we set off fairly early and rode toward Old Sacramento... enjoying this stretch lined with huge cottonwoods and screeching hawks, and a turkey or two crossing the pathway. Outstanding.

Imagine the stars lining up for this: Meeting up with three sets of friends in one fell Sacramento swoop! We haven't seen friends or relatives in a long time - so this was a real treat for us. New friends, Alice and Tom (Matt's girlfriend's Mom and Dad) invited us to lunch in Auburn Fri afternoon, after which we walked a bit and shopped a bit in town. We talked and laughed and had a great time. So nice to finally meet them. We'll see them again at Matt and Jen's place for Thanksgiving, along with Charley, their cute li'l dog.

After that, we met up with full-timers Laurie and Odel. Our tracks this summer have paralleled each other, but they happily joined here. We drove to Folsom and enjoyed drinks and appetizers on the terrace of a very nice restaurant overlooking the American River... and the bike trail. We shared stories (good, bad and ugly!) and laughed and talked some more. All-in-all, this was quite a day for us...!

Tergel and Smartie and our bikes parked at Cal-Expo. Off the bikes and posing at the American River.

The river water is clear and fast and hopping with salmon. These kayakers sounded like they were having lots of fun.

Hawk looking for lunch? This guy on a tiny steam engine-powered train made 'er go! (let's ride!)

Harness racing at Cal-Expo - we watched them practice. Trees and bushes on parts of the bike trail are covered with vines and tiny wild grapes.

Me and Jimmy with Alice and Tom in Auburn. And with Laurie and Odel in Folsom.

I try to carry my little camera everywhere. I had it with me the whole time we were with our long-time friends, Richard and Bethann. Formerly of Santa Ana and now the proud owners of Bermudes Family Vineyard in Healdsburg, we met for lunch on Saturday. Well, the camera was in my purse, out of sight... so I plumb forgot to get a photo of the four of us! Phooey! We talked and laughed (more!) and caught up with each others goings-on of the past two years. Special people. Special times.

Did we go to the state capitol? Visit museums? Or any other tourist attraction? Nope. We climbed back on the bikes Sunday morning after reading the Sacramento Bee. This time we pedaled in the opposite direction - toward Folsom. T'was a spectacular morning. Don't think we've ever been on a bikeway so well-used. Walkers, joggers, runners, bikers - they fit every description: every flavor, size, age, speed, gait - you name it, we saw it. The path is clean, tho autumn leaves are falling... I love to hear them crunch under my tires (sycamores are best). This trail even has call boxes! We rode all the way to Nimbus Dam before we turned around - a 35-mile ride altogether. Really, what a terrific place. So we missed seeing much of Sacramento and environs, and what does that mean? It means we'll just have to come back! Sign us up!


  1. YeeHaa! That American River water sure has a bunch of kayakers on it. Sign me up!

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the fun time we had together. We're moving to Cal Expo on Wednesday; I'm looking forward to seeing the leaves on the trees along the bike trail. Too bad we weren't there to show you our favorite spots, but I know you had a fun-filled stay.

    Safe travels.


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