Still on the water! (just inland) Clear Lake 10/19-20

This was a fairly long day's drive for us... 200+ miles from the north coast. I mean, we've been making short hops from one outstanding park to the next. The longer drive was enjoyable, but we were happy to pull into the Clear Lake area near Kelseyville: A place of luxurious rolling hills and orchards and vineyards near California's largest natural lake. It's a refuge and nesting place for lots waterfowl. We saw quite a few ourselves, inc hundreds of white pelicans, lots of grebes, Canada geese, coots, and etc.

We could hardly believe our eyes with all the pear and walnut orchards and (wine) vineyards. Also dismayed to see so many pears left to rot on the ground! Breaks your heart. Walnuts are just now beginning to fall, so we were too late for the big pear harvest and too early for walnuts! Oh nuts! We were lucky to find a roadside farm (above) that still had beautiful produce: We happily bought ripe Bartlett pears and apples, a spaghetti squash, and a couple of table grape clusters. Don't need a pumpkin. Too late for garlic and onions, tho. Oh nuts again!

On Wednesday the 19th, Jimmy and I spent hours pedaling around the 330 acre Clear Lake St Pk. Again, we basically had the place to ourselves. Such beautiful autumn countryside - we count this day as one of our best. We spotted California quail, lots of northern flickers and acorn woodpeckers (one pictured above - closeup is first). These guys drill small holes in a dead tree trunk and pound an acorn into each hole for winter food. Never saw this done before. They had quite an assembly "line" going to the tree and plenty of large oak trees providing a great crop of acorns. Jimmy is posing near the lake by a "stump" of a size and type we'd also never seen before. Wow!

This vineyard is on a straight up and down hill.
How could they harvest grapes?

Jimmy up ahead on his bike dodging deer in the park. Really!
Two deer dashed across the road and almost crashed into him! But didn't.

Lots of wildlife in this area; very pretty slice of California. Warm and sunny days while we were here, cool evenings. Ah, so....

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  1. Gnarly roots! Say, about Jimmy dodging deer... Check out this video:
    Be careful out there!


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