Back to one of our Favorites: St Marks NWR -- Sunday, 2/17/13

St. Marks NWR, located 25 miles south of Tallahassee along the Gulf Coast of Florida, is a well-known oasis of natural Florida habitats for wildlife, especially birds. Natural salt marshes, freshwater swamps, pine forests and lakes provide a haven for wildlife and people.  Jimmy and I discovered this paradise soon after relocating to FL and fell in love with it at first glance.  We've hiked it, run it, biked it, kayaked it, fished in its waters offshore, photographed it, watched hundreds of Monarch butterflies being tagged in October (boy, that's interesting to see), and even waited on freezing mornings to view the whooping cranes fly in, following their ultralight "mama."  St Marks is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, as well as the Florida National Scenic Trail.  Every season offers new sights; each year something special to see.  And you just gotta love the "Senior Discount Passport," that gets old farts in free.  Just sayin...

Historic St Marks Lighthouse.

They're serious!

Two young alligators out in "winter" soaking up the rays.  

This one is so happy to see the sun, it's smiling!

Headquarters Pond.

The island back center was chock-a-block full of herons and egrets.  One of the Bald Eagle nests we used to watch is (was?) in the tallest pine tree right side of picture.  And the log near lower right isn't a log... it's a gator!

This is such a great place!  I was nearly run over by deer twice (once on foot, the other on my bike) and been a little bit too close to black bears and alligators, but found the wild pig (boar?) funny.  Didn't have to outrun that one!  We've seen rattlesnakes (Jimmy nearly stepped on one), nonpoisonous snakes, picked up a deer antler shed, caught lots o' fish in Gulf water within view of the lighthouse, watched one of the Bald Eagle nests grow year by year, and - maybe you can tell? - spent a bunch of what we think of as quality time here.  Nice to visit again! 


  1. I've never been there. Perhaps I'll see if they have RV volunteers.

    1. Don't think they have RV volunteers at this NWR, tho it sounds like a good idea. You would love it at this Refuge.

  2. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Nice to see those familiar sights again! Thanks for sharing, seester. love from NANNIE


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