A meet-up at Willcox, AZ - Wed, 3/13/13

The second reason we stopped in Willcox was to see our long-time Santa Ana, California friends, Lyn and Alan, who were traveling east to Florida, as we were making our way west to California (the slow way) from the Southeast!  Jimmy and I made sure to stick around in Willcox when we learned their departure plans.  (A couple of years ago we missed each other in Louisiana by a couple of freeway miles; neither vehicle close to an exit where we could turn around.  We still talk about that dud.)  And, lucky us, Lyn brought us oranges and avocados from their trees that they'd picked the day before.  Yum - thanx, Lynnie!  We will enjoy.

After hiking and riding our bikes down the mountain in Chiricahua National Monument, we high-tailed it back to Tergel, had our showers, and met up with our friends.  They'd just checked into their motel.  The timing was perfect.

We four went out to dinner at Big Tex BBQ Restaurant in Willcox, and I have to tell you, the Mexican food was delicious.  We'd go back in a heart beat.  In fact, we all just might meet up here again!

Here we are at Big Tex BBQ:  Jimmy, me, Lyn and Alan.

After dinner, we walked around historic Willcox (one block), and came upon a shop with a "closed" sign on the door.  A sign over the door read, The Rex Allen Museum, and the windows were full of memorabilia.  We wondered if they were really closed.  Lyn tried the door, it opened.  Sure, said the ladies inside, c'mon in and look around.  These ladies were gracious, funny, and full of enthusiasm, proud to show off their museum.  Rex, known as the Arizona Cowboy, was born near Willcox in 1920.  He was a real cowboy who became the last of the singing cowboys of Western movie fame. We took pictures in front of Rex and his horse.  In the photo above, Jimmy looks like he's fixin' to get clobbered by a hoof.

Nice picture, you guys.  Uh-oh, Lyn - looks like you're gonna get clobbered too!

What a neat museum and a cool place to end our visit.  All of us were tired and would be on the road early the next day -- they continuing east to Florida, and Jimmy & I to wander further south into the desert before making tracks for home in Nevada City.  Great visit - always nice to make time for friends.  Thanx, you two!

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  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Howdy Lynnie & Alan! Nice to see youse guys.... Glad the hookup worked out this time... :) love from NANNIE


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