Alabama Hills... redux - Day One, 3/26/13

This is our second time to visit these here Hills - we stopped here three-and-a-half years ago (see blog).  Big spenders that we are, we're dry-camped in Tuttle Creek again, a BLM campground that costs $2.50/nite for us Golden Agers!  The best part of Tuttle Creek, other than the price, is the view.  Alabama Hills is part of the Sierra Nevada Mtns, and the picture below is what we see from our windows.

We didn't want to drive up I-5 one more time to Nevada City.  Hwy 395 on the eastern slope of the Sierras is Option B, and that's what we picked.  Leaving Desert Hot Springs in the morning, we made it to Lone Pine on Hwy 395 by mid-afternoon.  Lone Pine and Alabama Hills are the portal to Mt Whitney, the tallest mtn in the contiguous United States.  Our elevation at camp is approx 5,000'.  Mt Whitney is 14,494'.  (It wins the prize!)  After picking our site and setting up, we hopped in Smartie for the short drive to "Movie Road."  I think you could spend every day of your life in these hills and mountains and never tire of it and never see it all.

Afternoon at Tuttle Creek Campground from our Motor Home.

Many movies were filmed here, mostly Westerns.

Jimmy (and Smartie) studying the spectacular landscape.

This ferocious customer is a Mojave Barrel Cactus.  Looks very lethal.

While Alabama Hills is different from Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, it has similarities.  For one thing, the term "monzogranite rocks" is used in both places.  Wikipedia sez, "monzogranite are biotite granite rocks that are considered to be the final fractionation product of magma."  You can look it up on Google to learn all about it, but I can tell you I'd never heard of it before.  Sure makes for some splendid climbing!

And the rocks go on and on forever....

When I looked out Tergel's windshield at dusk, this great Full Moon had risen over the Inyo Mountains to our East.  Like I said, the view here is priceless.  Think we'll stay another day!


  1. Alabama Hills are probably one of the best boondocking sites in the west. I loved them. What a great place to stay before you get back home. 395 beats the old creepy interstate any time! Although of course you can get snow storms on 80 going back over the pass any time up until May you know. We hope to go down 395 next month after visiting friends we know...in Nevada City!

  2. oh my, how beautiful! serious mountain-goating rocks!

  3. BLM says the geologic features of the Alabama Hills were shaped 100 million years ago. Christians say the Earth is only about 6000 years old. What a dilemma eh?


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