Oh, and one more good thing -- March 17th, 2013

I've saved the best for last, regarding our Sierra Vista AZ stay.  At 8 o'clock Sunday morning, we joined a small group for a bird walk... at the Environmental Operations Park, aka EOP, which smelled exactly like a waste water reclamation facility... poop-water!  Initially the smell was, well, hold yer nose, Myrt. PEE-YEW!  As we worked our way around the various treatment ponds, the smell disappeared.  And that's a good thing!  Great to have such a knowledgeable guide as Erica, and in three hours we saw 49 species of birds. Wowzers!  Most of the ponds contained water and lots of reeds, some ponds were empty, a few had only a small pool of water, where shore birds hung out.  Actually, after our first introduction at the EOP, the walk along the levees was quite nice.  These guided bird tours are offered every Sunday morning.

Cute li'l marsh wren.

Lotsa ducks in these ponds.  Lots!

Red-winged and a ton o' yellow-headed blackbirds.

Way more than four and twenty....

A spot of pretty verbena color on a levee.

Jimmy and a new friend, Alicia, walkin' and talkin' on our way back to the cars.  She and her husband are both avid birders and recently returned from leading a birding tour in Ecuador.  Hmmm, we've always wanted to go to Ecuador.  You never can tell what'll happen when a bunch of birders get together!

The EOP consists of 640 acres and offers 50 acres of constructed wetlands that, along with native grasses, provides a bird and wildlife habitat.  And that is a very good thing.

Jimmy and I debated about where to go next?  We wanted to return to Organ Pipe National Monument in Southwestern AZ, so we left Sierra Vista Monday morning, headed once again to Organ Pipe.  O goodie.  See you there!


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Yellow headed blackbirds? Never got to see one yet, but hope to. love from NANNIE

  2. Ecuador? Take yur rain jacket and machete. Hehehe.


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