Look at the Birdie and Smile! Friday, March 1st, 2013

After picking up our mail at AHB in Pensacola FL, we drove a few miles out of our way to check out and walk a trail or two in Big Lagoon State Park.  Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Big Lagoon is usually a haven for wildlife viewing.  We camped here exactly one year ago and saw all manner of birds and bunny wabbits, ducks and eagles.  This year?  Nada, excepting one. 

SNOW?  S'not!  (Gulf Coast white sand = New England white snow)
Looking toward Gulf Islands Nat'l Seashore on a drab, overcast winter's day.

If he looks like a man trying to stay warm in a chill wind, he is.  Tho the temp was 54, which isn't truly cold, 54 is also not truly warm, esp in a biting wind!
Yaupon Holly berries were the only spots of color to be seen this day.

Nothing left of these dead-standing pine trees, all done in by one hurricane or another.  A gray sky that looked like a thin, lumpy, gray mattress kept the sun well hidden.  Gloomy picture, huh?

But in one of these live pines, an osprey sat on a branch, fixin' to eat his lunch!

What a beauty!

Oh yeah, baby, fish eyes are the best!

So delish!

We think the caption on this one should be, "Hey, what're you looking at?  I'm eating dinner here!  Bug off."  Well, we left after taking this last pic, but we were impressed that this bird tolerated us as long as it did.  Ospreys are also known as sea hawks, fish eagles or fish hawks, and they feed almost exclusively on fish.  This one seemed to be doing all right!  Hope you like the photos.

Thoroughly chilled, we hiked back to Smartie and home to our Tergel.  Despite the gloom that prevailed most of the day, the clouds disappeared as we neared Daphne and el sol peeped out.  Weather people predict freezing temps tonite and tomorrow nite.  Hope no precip is forecast or that white sand might turn into white SNOW!  (kidding - no snow is on the radar)  Anyway, we sure enjoyed our day!


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Wow, what great shots of the osprey! love from NANNIE

  2. Yupper. Good photos of the snot snow and of the healthy looking Osprey munching on brain food and Omega 3s.

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Hiya! Popped over to your blog and oh my god - what wonderful pictures!!! Good job!


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