One more post before we go! March 8th, 2013

A hop, skip and jump from my sister's home outside of Baton Rouge is the community of St. Francisville.  And the Port Hudson State Historic Site is on the way.  Today's our last day at my sister's and we four piled into the Prius for a round-robin tour of the area.  For Civil War buffs, Port Hudson offers both an historic glimpse of the Siege of Port Hudson, as well as great hiking trails.  The day was fine, perfect for a walk thru the budding trees.

 Jimmy and Bubba hiking along on a trail.

 A cool new plant to us:  Mayapple, a native perennial.  None of us had ever set eyes on this guy!

Lots of Civil War history explained.

 Yonder canon looks out of place amid the peaceful hillsides.

Nannie and I were intrigued by the little boats.  No, not the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.  These were the Richmond, Monongahela and the ... oops, I forgot the last one. 

 Me and my best friend (my sister) beneath a canopy of fragrant Yellow Jessamine (and a lot of buzzing).

 The new Audubon Bridge, ain't it pretty?  Replaces the ferry across the Mighty Mississippi from St Francisville to New Roads..

 Barges ply the treacherous waters.  Up and down the river.

The Mighty Mississippi is also known as The Big Muddy.  I rest my case.

Two love birds!

 And lunch at the Magnolia Cafe in St Francisville.  Nannie and I each had fried crawfish salads.  YUM!

So Jimmy and I have wrapped up our visit to the Southeast and all our Southern family, and Saturday morning we'll begin the trek to the west... which means 880 miles of Texas on I-10.  (big sigh...)  The past six weeks or more has been wonderful and we've enjoyed every minute.  Now, it's TTFN (ta-ta for now) and we'll see all y'all next time around.


  1. ahh, what fun to have a best friend sister. You both are lucky. Travel safe back to the big ole west. Kind of a shame to leave that southern laid back world behind I would imagine.

  2. Anonymous5:52 AM

    missing my bestfriendsister! we sure had a good time with y'all this time around, let's do 'er again soon, k? love! from N


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