Three Fun Days at Fountainebleau St Pk, Mandeville LA March 3-4-5

It's only a short distance from Daphne AL to Mandeville LA, but we wanted to camp for a few nites at Fountainebleau St Pk so we could hop on our bikes from our campsite and ride the entire Tammany Trace.  The state park is just about in the middle of the 27+ mile Trace, so Jimmy and I set off toward Slidell on one day, and the following day we were joined by my sister, Nannie, and BiL, Bubba, to ride the section to Covington.  

Fountainebleau is a large park - 2800 acres - on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain; it's been hard hit by hurricanes in the previous six or eight years, lost a lot of mature trees, and still has many dead-standing (hence, a large number of woodpeckers).  The campground is quite nice.  We arrived as a cool front pushed thru and, once again, pulled out the warm clothes.  Jimmy and I walked to the pier that first day in a brisk north wind and were glad we wore jackets with hoods.  

One of the Rangers mounted this old chair to the tree, made the mesh-bottomed feeder as the seat, and it attracts lotsa birds, like the cardinal above.  Clever idea!

 This old giant (the one in pink is not a giant) is gone, but still standing.

Jimmy, at pier's end overlooking the lake, and freezing his patootie that first day!

Cypress trees and all the little knees at lake's edge.


G Russell -- the rest of this blog post is for you!
Monday's ride:  Jimmy on the new drawbridge over Bayou Lacombe.  We put in 28 miles R/T this day.

Swamp maple seedlings really stand out amongst all the drab late winter offerings.

The Tammany Trace is a great paved Rails-to-Trails path.

This bees the ignominious end of the Trace in Slidell, but we did enjoy our ride.


Tuesday's ride:  We are dressed for warmer temps, and we believe in lots o' color!  Check out dem shoes!

Nannie & Bubba at Abita Springs, where we stopped for photos.

We didn't buy any!

We elected to bypass lunch in Abita Springs, and rode on to Covington.  We lucked up on the Cheese Steak Bistro, and lunch was excellent.  The cook himself suggested we order his potato salad... the best ever, he said.  We did, and he was right.

Across the street from the Bistro is Covington Cemetery.  It looked like an old one, so off we went to explore.

Because lower Louisiana is at or below sea level, large crypts were built to house bodies above the ground.  This one is representative.

Some of old grave stones are themselves, uh, being swallowed.

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones....

We took lots of photos here, and I could post more, but won't.  That's enuf pictures for one day!  We hopped on our bikes and rode back - 18 miles R/T today.  What a fun ride and and a grand day!  Jimmy and I changed out of our bike clothes so we could walk to the pier again with Nannie & Bubba.  I'll post those photos tomorrow.  They're, well, let us say that they are what my sister would call "da bomb."  C U tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous5:46 AM

    What a good time we had, let's do er again soon! love from NANNIE

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    22 inches of snow here. No riding for me. But I liked your pics. And ur footwear. GRN


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