An outdoors day for sure! Wednesday 9/4/13

You know you've been out doing and going when you realize you're way behind in posting on ye olde blog, but that's okay.  Better to be enjoying time with family while family is HERE.  Blog when they leave!

On Tuesday, Nannie and I went shopping while the guys stayed home.  Wednesday we four elected to walk along the Cascade Canal trail, something neither Nannie nor Bubba had done on their previous visit, tho the decision to walk the upper trail section was made AFTER we left the house.  Temps were cool when we hit the path and, with a twinkle in her eyes, my sister said she was "cold."  (Which brought a smile to my face, and I replied, "Enjoy!"  Cool is certainly a welcome change from summer's heat!)

We stopped to take pictures often, and examined trees and bark and flowers and ferns and so on, all very different from their home base of Louisiana.  As we closed in on Noon, we were still not at the turn-around point and cool was long gone.  By trails' end, we were all hot, hungry and thirsty.  Guess we tarried too long.  We hiked about five miles R/T beside the canal, much of it in shade, but we should've brought more water.  Or walked the lower canal path, which is only approx three-and-a-half miles.  They've got some great photos for show 'n tell when they get home!

Three musketeers walkin' and talkin' and lookin' around....

Gone is Pacific Dogwood's dazzling blossom, transformed into clusters of bright red drupes (fruit).

My sister asked me what kind of butterfly this is.  Well, Nannie, this is a California Sister (like me)!!!

Another symptom of autumn:  Early leaf color.

Nannie & Bubba, hiking along, enjoying the morning!

The perennial Common Chicory flower (with hitchhiker) must be in the last throes of summer as there were very few left.  No color was added on this picture.  This vivid blue is what the camera saw.  Me too!

* * * * * * * * * * *

After lunch, me and Nannie headed to Riverhill Farm to pick red raspberries.  I love the taste of fresh-picked raspberries, and they are delicious on my morning cereal.  Jimmy has gotten right fond of them, too.  My sister doesn't eat cereal, so she misses out on this treat, but Bubba enjoys his breakfast cereal with fruit.  The farm has several rows of golden raspberries, but none of us really cares for their taste. 

It didn't take long for us to overheat.  I think the afternoon temp was in the high 80's.  We picked in full sun, of course, paid, got in the car and turned the A/C on high, headed for home and SHOWERS.  We figured we each dropped a few pounds just from hiking and, uh, losing, uh... buckets of sweat today!  Plus, it was high time to get off our feet!

Don't worry, we FILLED those trays.

Thousands of berries... and who can resist a two for the tray-one for the mouth routine?

Tomorrow?  A little less activity, please!


  1. Cold? Still 93/73 here.

    1. I think she was kidding! :)

    2. I was a bit chilly and loving it.

  2. What a fine hiking trail! And - amazingly - a flat one!


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