Guess where we were on Tuesday, 9/17/13?

Yup, Radiator Springs!

 Howdy, Matt!  (his car won)

Matt and Jen ... ain't that ducky?!

 I got a hug 'cause my shirt has hummingbirds on it!

California Screamin' -- the guys do it every time; the girls do not.

 Jenny and me, and three serenaders!

Back to the Chili Pepper in the City of Orange every time --
L-R: Jen, Matt and Dillon, Alan, Lyn, me and Jimmy.
Good friends, good company, good time!


  1. I'd say you were visiting a very large duck during its fall migration.??

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all. Nice to see the familiar faces! Next year I promise we will "do" SoCal.


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