Friday was a FULL day - Sept 6th 2013

You know how it is when guests leave -- there's a bit of laundry to do, a room or two to reclaim as your own, possibly push a broom over the kitchen floor -- stuff like that.  But that's not all, of course.  There's always more to a day than just that.

 Nannie and Bubba in midmorning, ready to head out in the Bullet, returning home to Louisiana.  So glad you could spend the week with us in Nevada City.  (next time we'll try to order less heat and NO smoke, ok?)


 After my sister and BiL left, I tackled the tomatoes I got at the Nevada City Farmer's Market -- netted 14 pint jars and two pints in the freezer.  Good deal.
Combined with the strawberry jam and peaches I canned in August (minus a jar or two), this place is beginning to look like "Preppers" live here!  Whatever -- Jimmy and I will enjoy this bounty come winter.  Pardon me if this is bragging, but these do make pretty pictures, huh?


Haircuts were next on the agenda today -- we were as shaggy as unsheared sheep; it'd been over a month.  Our usual MO is to set up shop on the back deck with our hair cutting kit and go to town on each other's heads!  First me, then him.  When he saw the pile of hair I trimmed, Jimmy said, "Looks like somebody sheared an OLD goat!"  I always think of using all that hair as pillow stuffin's.

We ended our Friday with Dracula!  We'd purchased tickets to this Nevada Theater production a coupla weeks back, benefiting the Nevada County Concert Band.  Being a weinie, I'd never read the book or saw the movie, but I was willing to give Dracula a try this time.  The play didn't end till 10 pm, late for us, but we really enjoyed the show.  They all did a superb job!

Here are some things I didn't know till today:  Built in 1865, the iconic Nevada Theater is the oldest active theater west of the Mississippi.  Even Mark Twain sat in the audience, and I've read that actors are still trying to figure out which seat!  It's steeped in hidden secrets, signatures scrawled on concrete walls dating back 50 years or more, and love notes folded in between floorboards have been found.  It's a fine old brick building, and it's a treasure in this city.

Me and a Dracula imposter in front of the theater before the performance.  (The REAL Dracula was inside, and he really was from Romania!)

The stage before the show and before I heard that no photographs were allowed.  Oops....

Glad I didn't see this lobby decor until after the show -- I might have chickened out!  (As it was, I only let out a half-stifled scream once or twice.)

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  1. Canned bounty is always beautiful in my book!


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