No laboring for any of us! Monday, 9/2/13

When we got up Monday morning, we were a only a bit surprised to see wet pavement since possible showers had been forecast.  Our eyebrows went up when we heard thunder a short time later.  Pretty soon, we were standing under the garage overhang, looking out at the deluge, repeating, "WOW!"  Nevada City hadn't seen a decent rain in months, so we thanked my sister and her hubby for bringing their damp Louisiana weather with them!  And it got better, inasmuch as the rain stuck around all day.  Nobody foresaw this kind of Labor Day (as in meteorologists) and an all-day soaker no doubt played havoc with outdoor picnics and grill fests; however, the ground and those of us who weren't planning outdoor fun loved it.  Nevada City officially received 1.54" of rain.  YAY!  Cleared out smoke and ash from the fires, and growing things have since turned a nice shade of green that had been absent for months.  Thanx, Nannie and Bubba!

 Our Tergel and Nannie and Bubba's Bullet getting a rain bath.

Meanwhile Jimmy looked on line and learned the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento was open AND free today, so we four piled in the Prius and drove down the hill.  What we didn't know is that the museum was hosting "Little Buckaroo's Day!"  Finding a parking a space was a challenge, and when we finally walked into the museum, we were nearly bowled over by little kids and noise.  Several galleries are "armed" with doors and we made for these quiet rooms filled with exquisite art.  (kidding about being armed) 

The beautiful, outsized frame on this painting was a work of art in itself.

This is Gordy, just one of the day's entertainers.  He was performing his musical Mark Twain repertoire downstairs in a fine large ballroom, using a loudspeaker.  The children loved it!  Hoy!  The sounds reverberated throughout the museum.  I'm not saying this was bad, but people generally think of an art museum as peaceful.  Oh well, we got what we paid for!!

Lunch was on everybody's mind after a couple of hours (we were starving), and since we were heading for Costco in Rocklin, we decided to eat FIRST at Mel's Diner in Rocklin.  That was fun.  Plus we understood the music!  Still dodging drops, we made for Costco and got the real surprise of today:  The parking lot was empty - Costco was closed.  Who'd a guessed it?  Heck, we said, let's g'wan home.

And... rain was still falling when we got home!  Hooray!

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