Uh-oh, watch out, sisters together again! Sept 2013

Nannie and "Bubba," my sis and BiL from Baton Rouge, blew into our town and our lives again on Fri, 8/30.  They've been "on the road" in their travel trailer for two-and-a-half months and are sort of on their way home.  Lucky for us, they made Rock Canyon RV Park in Livingston MT a stop in their travels this summer and camped next to us for a week.  Lucky for them Jimmy was catching lots 'o nice trout while they were there!

Saturday morning found us up and atem early so we could get to the Nevada City Farmer's Mkt in Nevada City.  Jimmy, Bubba and Nannie are on the right side of this pic.  We bought some lovely veggies, inc heirloom tomatoes, Swiss chard, a cuke, oak leaf lettuce, a fresh-picked bright-skinned eggplant, and a few peppers, but I don't know what kind.  Also bought a bouquet of pretty summer bloomers.  Nice haul.

We bought some very tasty pastries for breakfast at the mkt, which we enjoyed at the old National Hotel Coffee and Espresso Shop.  This hotel has been in business for 130 years and claims to be the oldest continuously operating hotel west of the Rocky Mountains.  I can tell you their coffee shop serves the best coffee!

Of course we walked around historic Nevada City, stepping into several of the shops there, including a hat shop....  hint hint:  Notice new chapeau on my head.(to keep the sun off my face).

Saturday evening was dinner out at our favorite - Lefty's Grill in Nevada City.  We asked for a creekside table, but moved inside when the hot sun blasted us.  It was much too warm to eat out on the deck, but we really enjoyed our dinner indoors.

Sunday dawned cooler and partly cloudy, so we took Nannie and Bubba to the Empire Mine in Grass Valley.  The Empire Mine was one of the oldest, largest, and richest mines in California.  Jimmy and I have been here several times in the past year and like visiting, even tho no gold nuggets have ever fallen into the palms of our hands!  We toured the mine area, but elected not to do any hiking on the trails because it was too warm for stuff like that.  We poked into every nook and cranny we could at the mine.

This yard area contains a myriad of rusted machinery used in the mining business, most of which we scratch our heads over, saying, "I dunno, what do YOU think it is?"

I think I KNOW what this was!  Choo-choooooooo....

Bubba and Jimmy and more machinery.

After checking out the mine, we returned to the car and a picnic table - in the shade - to eat lunch.  I wish we all could've gone to the mine last weekend when they sponsored their Miner's Picnic, but here we are this weekend regardless.  The polar opposite of the business end of the mine is the beautifully groomed grounds and home of the Bourne family, built in 1878-1879.  In past blogs, I've posted pictures of the home from the front, complete with fountains and gorgeous flowers, but below is a different perspective.

Nannie poses at the rear entrance of the beautiful Bourne cottage.  All the rocks were gathered at the mine, and look at the fantastic rock work of this place.  Patterned after a English Cotswold Cottage which William Bourne, Jr., President of Empire Mine, fell in love with while attending Cambridge.  Nice cottage (looks like a mansion to me!).

A multi-layered proper rose garden is terraced on both sides of these steps.  A gorgeous Gold of Ophir climbing rose is trellised above me.  Unfortunately it wasn't in bloom today.

Cascading waters lead to the serene rectangular reflecting pool.

A bonus today was the interpretive volunteers at the Bourne home.  Small tour groups were greeted at the door by Sidney the butler, who asked us into the cottage, where Mr and Mrs Bourne graciously showed their home.  Set in 1905 and in period dress of that date, the volunteers really played their parts well.  We WERE in 1905.  Sarah_Kidder was also present, as was Katie Moriarty, the housekeeper.  Mrs. Kidder, seen above, with the four of us, became the first female railroad President of the world upon the death of her husband.  She also became RICH.  When we asked her about the gun on her hip, she replied, deadpan, "In this lawless land, a woman needs a gun."  (Think 1905)  Her Narrow Gauge Railroad was never robbed.  I can see why!

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  1. We really enjoyed touring that mine, and would like to go back again some time....


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