Here we come... Los Angeles! Monday, 9/16/13

On Sunday, Jimmy and I drove to Los Angeles, to spend a few days with my son, Matt, and his fiance, Jen.  Oh, and Maggie and Sophie.  Driving I-5 is long and boring - and it's an 8-hour drive from Nevada City to LA.  The Prius thermometer registered a high of 103 driving thru the central valley and the sun shone on us mercilessly - bleah!  By the time we arrived at their apartment, the temp had dropped into the 80's, whew!   We hadn't seen them since Christmas, so we were looking forward to hangin' out.

 Matt, with Sophie.  He and Jenny cooked us a great dinner Sunday eve.

Maggie & Sophie - we wore them out!

Monday we piled into Matt's Prius (we ARE a hybrid family!!) and headed for Palos Verdes Peninsula, SW of Los Angeles.  This peninsula juts out into the Pacific Ocean, with dramatic ocean views.  We could see Catalina Island clearly (Remember the song - 26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me?), but my camera tho't it was too far away.  We stopped at the Wayfarer's Chapel - also known as The Glass Church - overlooking the ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes, but a wedding was being held and we couldn't go in.  The chapel was designed by Lloyd Wright, son of architectural pioneer Frank Lloyd Wright.  The grounds were certainly beautiful.

The trees in front of the chapel are spectacular.

Me and Jimmy at an overlook on Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Don't be toooo shocked by this picture, but hunger drove us to Quality Seafood, where Jimmy and I had two local crabs boiled.  He is fixin' to devour his (minus the shell, of course)!

 I am fixin' to hammer my crab apart!  Matt had Cajun blue crabs.  Jen had grilled halibut!  YUM.

From there, Matt drove us to Manhattan Beach.  What a perfect day to walk out on the Pier.


 Waiting patiently...

Surfer dudes also wait patiently for THE wave.  This guy found a good one!

Tomorrow:  Another adventure!

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  1. Nothing quite like a freshly boiled local crab! YUM! Matt and Jen look wonderful!


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